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    CHAPTER I 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND PT Astra International is the biggest independent manufacturing company in south Asia. This company was established in 1957, the company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia before 1990’s, and this company name was PT Astra International Incorporated. There are several types of businesses that were developed by PT Astra International. They developed their businesses all over the world and they are engaged in many types of product and services,…

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    By definition these resources are more costly and hard to imitate. These resources are rooted deep in the company’s history by staying focused in mobile markets and not diversifying into other technology categories that would loose the company’s primary focus and drive through its core competencies. As the company grew to be the largest in the industry, they remained focused on the leading edge of mobile technology. 1. Tangible Resources - Strong…

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