Case Study: PT Astra International

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PT Astra International is the biggest independent manufacturing company in south Asia. This company was established in 1957, the company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia before 1990’s, and this company name was PT Astra International Incorporated. There are several types of businesses that were developed by PT Astra International. They developed their businesses all over the world and they are engaged in many types of product and services, namely heavy equipment, financial service, logistics, automotive, information technology, insurance and many others. One of the biggest businesses they have is run in the automotive manufacture company. Until today they employed about 225,580 employees
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Some techniques were conducted in collecting the data of the research. Interviewing several employees from various Departments such as PPC (production planning control) Department that responsible in managing the forecasting of supply chain management, Warehousing Department which responsible to manage and control the entire flow process activity in the warehouse, Purchasing Department that was responsible to deal with several suppliers that provides the materials to support the production activity the last is Accounting Department that responsible to control the financial and costing in the company. Furthermore, another technique conducted by conducting direct observation surrounding the factory and looking around to the whole process activity in the factory. The last technique that used to support this practicum report is secondary data which by finding the several articles and journals from the internet that will be the …show more content…
Whereas LIFO is last in, last out the term which means the final manufactured goods that will last well removed from the warehouse to be sold or used. This method is very useful for PT Century Batteries Indonesia in order to reduce the battery recharge that can affect the company's finances. The fact that even caused the losses of the company because it was stored too long in the warehouses and causing the performance of battery become less and needs to be charged again. That is the reason why the need for this method in PT Century Batteries Indonesia. Aside from the PT Century Batteries Indonesia is also recommended to use a method called JIT or Just In time, which means punctual delivery of goods. This could help the company to improve employee productivity and efficiency in time for production. By implementing JIT it can help companies to reduce the uncertainty, so that it can also assist to improve customer services of the

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