Summary Of Main Themes Of Max Goldratt's The Goal

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Summary of Main themes In this book, one of the main themes that Goldratt seeks to expound on is the struggles that managers go through. In their work of ensuring that the supply chain runs smoothly, managers often have to deal with a hoist of operational, human resource and even social problems that make it difficult to achieve the set goals. This book gives the story of one Alex Rogo who is facing serious consequences if the manufacturing plant he manages does not improve within three months. Managers in different companies face this typical problem, as there is a lot of pressure from supervisors. . From the details given, it is clear that the plant is not bringing in any profits, yet it is consuming a lot in terms of operational expenses. The introduction of robots to automate some of the processes in the plant has not been successful in reducing operational costs. On the contrary, the robots are taking up extra expenses for maintenance, yet the results are still negligent. In addition to the problems at work, this book also introduces the familial problems that managers face. Alex is having marital problems and his …show more content…
After a 2-day analysis, everyone in the restaurant agreed that the kitchen was the point of weakness in the business. Orders took too long before they were delivered from the kitchen and in the same kitchen, the quality of the food was determined. Therefore, most customers spent most of their time waiting for their food from the kitchen. Identifying the kitchen as the bottleneck in this business was a major achievement on my side. I now knew where the problem was and I could tackle it head-on. For the next one month, all my time and resources were focused on making the kitchen more effective. More employees were deployed to the kitchen and each one was assigned very specific duties depending on their

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