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  • Technology In Particle Fever

    science that does not have an immediate benefit in everyday lives is often seen as less important. In the movie, Particle Fever (2013), Mark Levinson delves into the world of science and the creation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The United States government halted the production of a similar version of the LHC because they found no immediate benefits from this experiment. They deemed money to be spent on more practical applications such as funding the military, schools, or healthcare facilities. Mark Levinson uses his film to show that investing money into big science projects, like the LHC, is a worthy cause because it answers theories and the many questions scientists and non-scientists alike have about the creation of ourselves and the world. Though it seems insignificant to some, the ideas that are found can become significant and practical applications that can advance and enhance our lives and the world later on in the future. Mark Levinson brings to light what science truly is and why it is so important for their research to be funded. The film focuses on the creation of the Large Hadron Collider, which cost $10 billion and took 19 years to create. This machine is very important in proving or disproving over 30 years of theories and ideas about how we humans and the world were created. The main theory scientists are trying to solve is if the Higgs Boson Particle actually exists. The film focused on a handful of people, theorists and experimentalist, who both had…

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  • Discrete Element Methods

    grain-machine interaction systems responses where the micro parameters in DEM models are developed using particle-particle friction, particle-geometry friction and the particle density to simulate material behavior (Asaf et al., 2007). The particle size and shape distribution are also considered to be input DEM parameters. In DEM, spherical particles are usually preferred because of the efficiency of contact detection. However, when using this type of particles, the bulk friction of the assembly…

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  • Atomic Particles In Research

    An atom is known as the basic unit of a chemical element; however, atoms are no longer considered the smallest particle in existence. From approximately 460 BC to present day 2015, human knowledge about atomic particles has drastically changed. Over the years, research has led to new discoveries involving atoms, subatomic particles, and quarks. Several philosophers including Leucippus, Democritus, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, and Gell-Mann have contributed to humanity 's vast knowledge about…

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  • The Importance Of Particle Size Analysis

    Particle size plays an important role in evaluating the quality and performance of a mineral processing plant (Horiba 2014, 1). It also influences many of the properties of a particulate such as its reaction rate with some reagents. Particle size analysis is significant in determining the quality of ore grind and in establishing the degree of liberation of the valuable materials from the gangue (Haldar 2013, 227). This is done by mineral processing plants to ensure that the desired particle size…

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  • The Moving Particles MPS) Method

    The Moving Particles Semi-implicit (MPS) method was introduced in the mid-1990s by Koshizuka et al. cite{Koshizuka-1995} to simulate incompressible flows with free surfaces. As a fully Lagrangian particle-based method, it has several advantages in modeling of free surface flows with large deformation, fragmentation and merging, solids with complex geometry, multiphase flows and multiphysics problems. In recent years, much effort has been done to solve the problems of huge processing time…

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  • Particle Swarm Optimification Essay

    terms from the particles in a swarm. These significant terms are: 1. Particle (agent, individual): each agent in the swarm; 2. Swarm: the population of the agents; 3. Location/Position: agent has n-dimensional coordinates. It represents a best solution for the problem; 4. Generation: each iteration of optimization procedure using the Particle Swarm Optimization to solve problem; 5. Fitness Function: It provides the interface between the optimization problem and the physical problem. 6.…

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  • Essay On Particle Size Analysis

    RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Particle size analysis The diameters of the curcumin, honey and curcumin+WPI+MH complex measured using Mastersizer were 3.480 µm, 1.349 µm and 20.911 µm respectively. The size of WPI measured with Zetasizer was 250 nm. Quantitative particle size and shape analysis provides information that has either a direct effect or correlation to issues such as bioavailability, solubility, formulation stability, and quality control. Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM micrographs of…

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  • Nuclear Radiation Essay

    rays beta particles alpha particles What are the different penetrative abilities of each radiation type on metals 3.what are some common uses for each type of radiation in the current world 4.what is ionisation? And what is the difference between direct ionisation and indirect ionisation 5.what are half lives and why is it bad to ineffectively dispose of nuclear products ?4.why…

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  • Enkb Analysis

    be easily modified to include Monte Carlo estimation of the constant coefficients. We recall that the standard particle filtering method suffers from weight degeneracy especially when the estimation includes static parameters. EnKF, however, does not suffer from degeneracy and provides a good estimate of the coefficients by integrating a sample minimum mean square estimate (MMSE) of the coefficients within the EnKF algorithm. Without loss of generality, let us consider a first-order wide-sense…

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  • Essay On Dark Matter

    Dark matter leaves astronomers and physicists baffled as to what it possibly could be. Scientists design experiments to attempt to figure out what it is, but no one truly knows what composes dark matter. Physicists are so interested in understanding dark matter because it accounts for the formation of the Universe, as observable through studying the distribution of gravity within galaxies (Carnegie). Original attempts at studying dark matter referred to dark matter as baryonic, which is a word…

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