Particle size distribution

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  • Importance Of Grain Size Analysis

    Particle size distribution Introduction The purpose of this lab was to determine the particle size distribution of a particular soil sample by carrying out sieve analysis and hydrometer analysis tests. For the sieve analysis test, a graph for percent finer versus the grain size was plotted from the data collected. The graph was used to determine whether the soil sample was fine-grained or course-grained. Calculations for uniformity and gradation were then done to determine whether the soil was well graded, poorly graded or gap graded. For the hydrometer analysis test, the soil sample was dispersed in water so that the particles settled at different velocities with time. The percentage of soil suspended at specific time intervals were measured…

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  • Kanamycin Sulphate And Rifampicin Essay

    reagent grade) and silicone oil (viscosity 10 cSt) were purchased from Sigma–Aldrich, St. Louis, USA. Size 3 hard gelatin capsules were kindly donated by Capsugel Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Fresh Milli-Q water was collected and filtered through 0.45 μm membrane filter before use. Preparation of powders by spray-drying Powder particles were produced using a Buchi B-290 Mini Spray-Dryer (Buchi Labortechnik AG, Flawil, Switzerland) with a high performance cyclone in a closed-mode. Feed solutions of…

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  • Pharmaceutical Tablets Essay

    milling. Each step is known as a unit operation and will be outlined below. The ingredients to make a pharmaceutical tablet will include the active pharmaceutical ingredients [API], and may require a bulking or binding agent which allows the tablet to be sufficiently large for consumption and provides sufficient surface properties of the particles within the mixture to facilitate suitable agglomeration for proper mixing and tableting, these ingredients are known as excipients. Tablets used…

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  • Unified Soil Classification System

    I.a. Background Information The data in this report were based on the practicals in the laboratory. The data were used to identify and classify soils for engineering applications. The data were tabulated using Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) method, which is non-laboratory test and 2 classification of soils based on laboratory test. The two laboratory test classify soil methods are Classification of soil based on particular size distribution and Classify soil based on Atterberg…

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  • Discrete Element Methods

    using particle-particle friction, particle-geometry friction and the particle density to simulate material behavior (Asaf et al., 2007). The particle size and shape distribution are also considered to be input DEM parameters. In DEM, spherical particles are usually preferred because of the efficiency of contact detection. However, when using this type of particles, the bulk friction of the assembly is usually too low compare to real material. There are two methods to increase the bulk friction…

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  • Enkb Analysis

    modified to include Monte Carlo estimation of the constant coefficients. We recall that the standard particle filtering method suffers from weight degeneracy especially when the estimation includes static parameters. EnKF, however, does not suffer from degeneracy and provides a good estimate of the coefficients by integrating a sample minimum mean square estimate (MMSE) of the coefficients within the EnKF algorithm. Without loss of generality, let us consider a first-order wide-sense stationary…

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  • Airbags Lab Report

    rebounded and will have been lifted off from the surface. The velocity is still pointing upward, and the acceleration is still pointing downward since the only force acting on the ball in this stage is gravity. AIM: Which type of sports ball bounces the highest. HYPOTHESIS: The handball will bounce the highest. EQUIPMENT: QUANTITY EQUIPMENT 1 x Soccer Ball 1 x Handball 1 x Basketball 1 x Measuring Tape 1 x Pencil RISK ASSESSMENT: ASSESSMENT OF RISK Prevention Risk Injury The ball can…

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  • Quasiclassical Elienberger Equations

    Quasiclassical Elienberger equations [129] for the green functions g(k , r, and order parameter , is a powerful tool to deal with inhomogeneous superconductors [130]. These functions depend on the so called, ‘Matsubara frequency’, , coordinate r, and wave vector k on the fermi surface. The dependence of green functions and order parameters on the wave vector k, makes them sensitive to the shape of fermi surface. This makes solution of Elienberger equations complicated in the system of complex…

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  • Market Entry Strategy Of The Cervena Venison Product

    for the high end product. Tariffs and taxed may also cause problems and lead to the product becoming to expensive for the desired market. Even with these disadvantages exporting with the indirect method is the best option. 5.3 Strategic Alliances Cervena will have to look for an agent that is able to get the product into the market place. Coto is a possible agent/ retailer that could be used, it is a supermarket chain that has 95 stores in Argentina and has 17% market share and reaches 28% of…

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  • American Airlines Supply Chain Analysis

    Typically, most businesses were trying to transform/update their outdated systems to a well behaved supply chain system operation. Frequently, current systems does not meet the evolved modern requirements of the business; and American Airlines is in the similar struggling phase which is a barrier for efficiency work flow system. For instance, if the company needs to switch the inbound shipment, Lack of transparency can turn a simple judgment to redirect the component to another port which has a…

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