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  • Synthetic Phonic Approach

    The debatable assessment Moreover, it is arguable whether Phonics Screening Check (PSC) is effective in measuring the outcomes of instructions and identifying the reading ability of children. In Rose Report (2007: 19), synthetic phonics is praised as ‘the best route to becoming skilled readers’. Driven by its emphasis on phonics, it points out five essential skills for reading: ‘recognition of letters, the ability to sound out phonemes, the ability to hear and blend phonemes, the reading of…

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  • Essay On Phonemic Awareness And Phonics

    Teachers Knowledge and Perceptions of Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction A well-known body of research concluded that the systematic and explicit phonics and phonemic awareness instructions improve early reading and spelling skills and prevent reading difficulties (NRP, 2000; Snow et al., 1998). Therefore, teachers’ knowledge and perceptions of these instructions affect the effectiveness of reading instructions. According to Mather, Bos, and Babur (2001), teachers were not knowledgeable…

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  • Print Concept Analysis

    Students are learning every day this is why print concepts are important to students. When teachers use print concepts it helps with the student’s fluency when they are reading. It also helps with the student’s accuracy while reading. Concepts are important for the reason that it teaches students how reading works. I have researched 10 different strategies that teach print concepts. The first one is graphic organizers. Graphic organizers are important because they help students understand things…

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  • The Importance Of Writing As An Art

    “Writing” is such an empty word-- Spawning the future wisdom; unleashing my cerebral content; birthing the intellectual weapons for a future generation --are all better suited to the naming of this process. Writing is the creation of shareable ideas for all the world to read and assimilate and each and every one of us has the power to do it. Writing is an Art, as elaborate, as emotional, as personal, and as valuable as any painting or sculpture or building. Words form the bricks, the paint, and…

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  • The Importance Of Public Speaking In Education

    I have this fear. It causes my legs to shake, and my sweat to build. The abrupt feeling that you would get when a roller coaster has just hit it’s peak, and you have less than one second to prepare for it plunges downward. When you are falling in a dream, and there is nothing there to help you stand up. At this point in my education, I would assume this discontent would disappear. However every time I have to speak publicly, that fear arises once again, and I become unsure on how the words I…

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  • Could SPT Result In The Overgeneralization Of Targeted Words

    Wambaugh, Martinez, McNeil, and Rogers (1999) conducted a study to replicate and expand upon the findings of the study by Wambaugh et al. (1998). They investigated response generalization and maintenance effects of SPT for trained and untrained words. Additionally, the authors attempted to determine whether SPT could result in the overgeneralization of targeted sounds to the production of untrained or previously trained phonemes (e.g., if training the production of /k/ would result in the…

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  • What Does Reading Mean To Me

    Orange, yellow, red, covered leaves in various shades floating gracefully with every step I took walking to my Grandmother’s house. I always enjoyed stepping foot into her home every time I opened the door I would be welcomed by a warm blanket of air that surrounded me in the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked sweets. Grandmother kept a tiny wooden bookshelf filled with various fairytale stories in the corner of her living room just for me. Since I could not yet read I would climb…

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  • Summary: Classroom Analysis

    This analysis focuses on assessment information provided by an elementary class comprised of 20 students. The results for one particular student named Bobby will also be highlighted in order to analyze and discuss his present developmental word study stage and procedures to support his and his peers spelling acquisition. The words spelled correctly, feature points, and the total feature score will be explained along with the rationalization for grouping the students recorded in this classroom…

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  • Reading Sourcebook Analysis

    A. The CORE Teaching Reading Sourcebook is a wonderful reference for teachers to help improve students improve attain success in reading. One thing that resonated with me throughout the chapters is the presentation of the book and how it can be applied to the classroom. The chapters outline important reading concepts such as decoding, multisyllabic and irregular word reading. The lessons are presented in such a way that it takes a key idea and brings it to life in the classroom. These lessons…

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  • The Importance Of Reading Strategies In Elementary

    Chapter one summary talks about how children benefit from reading and apply it to different subjects whom they have acquired through variety of strategies in elementary. Teachers need to know the student and how the different methods may or may not work for them. From there whole comprises the child decoding and coding how that helps them with making mean with instruction. Next it starts comparing both research based reading instruction with culturally relevant instruction and gives examples of…

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