Dyslexi Strengths And Weaknesses

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Dyslexia is a learning difference, a combination of strengths and weaknesses which affects the learning process in reading, spelling, writing, and sometimes numbers. (H. T. I., & MARK, B. Q 1974) The next thing is the cause of dyslexia. Which is the defective migration patterns can lead to several types of development defects such as this. (O 'Brien, J. C., & Solomon, J. W. 2011) Sometimes certain conditions only happen in certain sexes or certain cultures. But with dyslexia it is different. It happens to show up in every culture equally and also in both males and females. 5-10% of the population has this condition. The signs and symptoms of this very among each person. (Pennala, R 2013)
Besides some of the most obvious symptoms such as reading
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The way they determine if a child has dyslexia is to test to the strength and weaknesses in oral language, reading, spelling, and writing through several different kinds of test. (ASLAN, Y. y. 2016) The prognosis of dyslexia just depends on the person. It is usually good if it is caught early of course. It also depends on if someone is willing to get the right therapy that they need for it. The main treatment right now for dyslexia is not medication and people with it usually learn to deal with it and finds ways around the condition through therapy. (ASLAN, Y. y. …show more content…
Instead of words or letters you could color code things that use daily. They way to help a child with dyslexia in the community is to teach them what signs say around the area so they don’t have trouble if there was to be an emergency. In the education setting you could help the child recognize the places they are messing up and guide them to the right way. Teach them little techniques to help when they have trouble saying something and teach them that its ok to ask for help in situations. The way to help a child with a job is to have them go over everything that is expected of them before they apply for the job and then go over those things to see how to make them easier on them and learn things before they have to perform them. Socially you would want to help a child be able to communicate with everyone around them without having to worry that they have this condition. When they are going to write something make sure they go over it and have someone else go over it to see if there are any problems. When they are talking with their peers and may have problems you can encourage the child if they have problems to slow down or take a small pause to gather their words again and continue. There is several techniques and games that a child can play to learn better with dyslexia. Just find one that is best fit for the child and try

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