Gibba Jabber Writing System

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Following our in-depth study into writing systems in our First Year Seminar class as well as the ways in which writing systems have served their time period, our group collectively created a writing system named Gibba Jabber. Our writing system intends to serve the modern-day society, the 21st century. The 21st century is a century where written communication takes precedent over verbal communication. In other words, texting has replaced the need of phone calls due to the advancement of texting, which has allowed emotions, ideologies and sentences to be conveyed in such fewer words with the help of emoticons.
After analyzing modern-day society and its dependence on social media mediums such as twitter and instagram, we came to the understanding
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Commonly used acronyms in Gibba Jabber are, but not limited to: w.y.a which means, as you wish, m.t.a, at the moment, m.a.a, as a matter of fact, p.t.a , answer the phone , d.t.o.o, outfit of the day and n.g, good night. Our writing system serves primarily as a texting system, whose desire is to meet the need of convenient communication in our modern-day society. Emojis are incorporated to represent individual letters of the alphabet. For example, is used to represent the letter I, is used to represent the letter b and is used to represent the letter u. Seeing that there are limited amounts of emojis that phonetically represent each individual letter of the alphabet, emojis are combined to represent each of the remaining letters of the alphabet in order to tackle the …show more content…
Although the number system is the same as in the United States of America, the way they are written in text is different. The numbers are fairly similar. They have the same number symbol, but with a diagonal line going through them from the top left to the bottom right. The numbers are used in various ways such as stating a monetary value, timekeeping, and measurements. They are all kept on a form of screen text such as texting or in a computer program. This is due to our written language being a form of text and displayed on a

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