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  • Comparing Hank Williams Sr. And Willie Nelson

    As any country music fan comparing Hank Williams Sr. and Willie Nelson was an interesting challenge. Both are country music idols noted for changing the industry. The lives of both legends have similarly beginnings, with times of struggle, and time of success. But what marks the difference in these two influential men was the means of how they ended up coping with fame of being in the lime light. The obvious place to start this comparison is with the beginnings of Hank Williams Sr., one of the…

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  • Tennessee State University Case Study

    who could not afford to go to a private university. With TSU 's rich history of educating African American leaders, professionals, and investors; what is TSU 's new role in the unsegregated world. TSU new role should be the public university in Nashville. As a university TSU is racially defined, not by its motto, but by its history and in an away it 's mission state. TSU is an HBCU, and if one was to talk the campus today they will see that majority of the students are African-American. TSU…

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous Analysis

    have a disease, it is almost impossible to understand it. Step One in The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous reads, “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol- that our lives had become unmanageable.” (Alcoholics Anonymous) My friend moved to Nashville about a year ago, and through a series of unfortunate events involving love and loss, she began a downhill spiral of drinking through her pain in hopes to forget events of her past. When I asked about her coping mechanisms she mentioned a…

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  • Feminism In Claire Miye Stanford's If You Ve Got The Wrong Song

    feminism being soft and with grace versus feminist wanting to be just like or better than men. In Claire Miye Stanford’s “You’ve Got The Wrong Song: Nashville and Country Music Feminism” tells readers just how distinct these words can be through famous country artists’ music like Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton, and fictional country artist starred in Nashville like Rayna James and Juliette Barned. In Stanford’s article, she asks the question “But can a show that is so ostensibly…

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  • Abigail Character Analysis

    extravagant lifestyle. Abigail’s parents taught her and her little brother to have a strong work ethic. Abigail excelled in her education and earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Indiana University. When she graduated from college, she moved to Nashville, Indiana where she has lived for several years. She has had lots of part time jobs, but mostly she has worked toward being a successful artist. She is a painter and a potter. Until now, she has managed to survive on her own financially. She is…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A House Of Kabab Restaurant

    A House of Kabab Restaurant. House of Kebab Restaurant is the best restaurant I have ever visited in my life. This restaurant location is in Nashville Tennessee. I was on holiday last year with my friends. We did many activities such as shopping, walking and swimming during that day. So, we were ravenous. We prefer to eat Mediterranean food. As a result, we were looking on the TripAdvisor website for a restaurant of the lunch so, we found the House of Kebab restaurant. When we got…

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  • How Did Country Music Develop

    The program was broadcast from Nashville, Tennessee, the star city for old-time music, and later led to the development of Western and Texas country. Western country is the most popular, and has even put a stereotype on other types of country as this style tells stories about lovesick cowboys and outlaws. Nashville producers decided that the cowboy portrayal was better for business than the hillbilly image of old-time music…

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  • Oprah Winfrey: The Epitome Of Success

    From taking over Nashville, to thee big streets of Chicago Oprah’s success climbed the upward slope faster than anyone had ever before. Oprah first big successful moment came when she won the Elks Club oratorical contest(Lutz). Oratorical contest os revolved around public speaking. By winning this contest, she guaranteed herself a full ride to Tennessee State University. While attending Tennessee State, she became Miss Black Nashville and Miss Tennessee( Lutz). Because of her…

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  • The Welcome Table Short Story

    Punished for Studying “They were remarkable, he said -- as sober as judges,” (Martin 70). These extraordinary sit-ins were to achieve rights for colored people who suffered atrociously. Can you imagine sitting at a diner counter with someone you love and knowing you might get beat to death? In the short story, “The Welcome Table” by Lee Martin from his collection, The Least You Need to Know, explains a seventeen year old boy experiencing this first hand, by displaying the atrocious acts on…

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  • Reflection Of Reconstruction In Voices Of Freedom

    Black men and women believed that it was finally time to have the rights and privileges that were awarded to others. For example, in the document, “Petition of Black Residents of Nashville”, Foner shares a petition written to the delegates of the state by a group of freed black men residing in Nashville. This petition was a plea for immediate freedom of blacks, abolishment of slavery, and the right for men to vote. Throughout this document, the freedmen explain that blacks have been deprived…

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