Molecular biology

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  • Plate Labelled-Pglo Lab Report

    Introduction: Genetic transformation is used in many areas of biotechnology. In medicine, diseases caused by defective genes are beginning to be treated by gene therapy by genetically transforming a sick person’s cells with healthy copies of the defective gene that causes their disease. Genes can be cut out of human, animal, or plant DNA and placed inside bacteria, which could treat a person with that disease. For example, a healthy person’s gene for the insulin can be put into bacteria. Under…

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  • Pill Bugs Experiment Lab Report

    Evaluation When performing the experiment, the pill bugs were generally unresponsive, and many stayed in the same place throughout the whole experiment. Outside of this, no major problems occurred while performing the experiment. If the experiment were to be performed again, more of the IV (baking soda, rubbing alcohol, etc.) would be added to produce a more pronounced effect on the pill bugs, as most pillbugs did not move at all. The results are mostly trustworthy and accurate, as the data is…

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  • Chimera Essay

    After the judge makes his statement “you are not the biological mother and the children will be placed with their real father”, three children are whisked away screaming for what they have always known as their mother, while police escort a woman in tears out another door never to see her children again because of a biological mystery. This scene was soon going to happen to a few mothers, although the mother in question gave birth to her children science resulted in some questionable evidence.…

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  • Change For A Better Span Of Life Essay

    Change for a Longer Life Span Not a Better Span of Life. Everyone has different beliefs and thoughts about genetically modified organisms. Many believe that it is okay as long as the individuals ends up better than they were while others believe that an infant child should not be altered for any reason. What if a change in their genome can cause them to be immune to certain diseases, or even help cognitively with dyslexia? Would people still be opposed to something that can help an individual…

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  • Analysis B Bigemina

    primers' design (not shown). The nucleotide sequencing analysis presented a 1988-bp long gene (gene bank accession number: AB481200) and encoded a 595-amino acid peptide (gene bank accession number: BAH22706) (Fig. 1) with a computer-calculated molecular weight of 66.64-KDa. The protein has a signal peptide of 30 amino acids (Signal 3). The nucleotide sequence had 98.2 % identity with the sequence reported in the B. bigemina genome sequence at Sanger institute. The…

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  • Comparisons To Southern (1975)

    Article Comparisons to Southern (1975) Article One The article “Detection of specific sequences among DNA fragments separated by gel electrophoresis” (1975) by E.M. Southern focuses on the way that the fragments of DNA can be transferred from agarose based gels to cellulose nitrate filters. Then fragments themselves are hybridized to active RNA. E.M. Southern’s main influences for the investigation were the studies of Smith and Wilcox (1970), and Kelly and Smith (1970), which showed that the…

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  • Synechocystis Essay

    The intent of this experiment was to successfully transform synechocystis to a psbC lacking species through double homologous recombination. Subsequently we intended to retransform the mutated colonies back to the psbC carrying species after kanamycin selection. The initial knockout of the psbC gene ensured that photosystem II wouldn’t work and the colonies would rely on glucose as a source of sustainable nutrition. The sequential addition of kanamycin killed off the species that lacked the KanR…

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  • The Three Types Of Genetic Testing

    Time plays a major role in the lives of most modern day Americans. Often so much of that time is spent at work, spent socializing, and even spent planning on how to spend your future time. With time being such a prominent part of our lives we are often thrown off and even angered when something clashes with our schedule. With our society being such a microwave society we want things to happen when we want them and how we want them and when there is an interference with that ideology or with our…

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  • Analysis Of Genomic DNA From Drosophila Melanogaster

    The study of inheritance at the at one of the smallest levels is referred to as molecular genetics and is utilized for many purposes, which include genes, genotyping, sequencing, cloning, etc. (Kelly, 2016). This allows for the ability to conduct DNA analysis revealing varying compositions and properties. For the following experiment the genomic DNA from Drosophila melanogaster, was utilized to be cloned and sequenced for either actin or 18s rRNA. In order to clone and sequence the specific…

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  • Analysis Of GUK1 Result

    Differential alternative splicing human tissue network analysis of GUK1 Result Figure 4.12: Visualisation of alternative splicing gene GUK1 in human tissues. Differential alternative splicing genes between two different tissues comparison were shown on a different visualisation platform and tools in comparison with network analysis. (A) rMATS analysis. Histogram shows inclusion level ψ, per sample for each tissue comparisons. In this case, only exon 3 found as statistically alternative…

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