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  • Macroeconomic Factors: Apple, Inc.

    Apple Incorporated, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, is an international technology company based in Cupertino, California. Established April 1st 1976 as Apple Computers, Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne aimed to deliver personal computers to a mass audience (Richardson, 2008:online). However, Apple Computers shifted its focus from personal computers to consumer electronics, computer software and online services. This was reflected in their name change on January 9th 2007. Their…

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  • Why Is Bill Gates Important

    school (“Bill Gates”). In 1975 he left left harvard to start his microsoft company with Paul Allen. Bill Gates became the spokesman of the company. He went to every meeting to talk about the new material that they will be developing. By keeping track of everything they work on helps keep everything organized. He also keeps track to make sure no one is trying to steal their information and make it their own. Apple tried to sue microsoft for stealing their software. Bill Gates went through and…

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  • Weak Management Structure Of Microsoft Xbox

    Weak management structure of Microsoft Xbox is one of the reasons that they heading downside. As Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft stated, the product teams in the organization work independently and had not keep tracks with one another (Duncan 2013). They had to use different ways to solve the same problem. Besides, the teams like to compete among one another which might affect the organization and products in the long run. However, the management team in the organization was aware of these…

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  • Jack Straight From The Gut Essay

    The title of the autobiography is Jack: Straight from the Gut by Jack Welch. The genre of the book is focused on the business and entrepreneurial standpoints in his own life. He relates to how he began with little to no ambitions to become a businessman and how his own life experiences shaped him to become one of the most successful businessmen in the United States. This stands out to me because of my interest in business and entrepreneurship. Jack and I also share many similarities such as both…

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  • Funan It Mall Case Study

    Introduction There are two well-known computer malls in singapore. One is the Sim Lim Square and the other is Funan IT mall . However, Funan it mall was closed in may 2016 for redevelopment, leaving the Sim Lim square as the sole computer accessories mall in singapore. After studying the theory of the firm, i am interested in finding out how the firms make profits and how they compete. The firms in Sim Lim square are located near to each other and seems that they are selling identical products.…

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  • Spare Parts Thesis Quotes

    The Response Rodger Crawford once said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” This quote is quite true in the non-fiction book Spare Parts by; Joshua Davis. Spare Parts is about four low class, undocumented teenagers within America, who beat the world’s best engineering university in a robotics competition. To deepen my thinking of the book, I attended an author presentation at NIACC. Spare Parts focused a great deal on immigration, education, confidence, and…

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  • The Qualities Of Interpersonal Intelligence In The Careers

    Companies are like machines. Machines demand good cogs or good pieces to make them run more efficiently and produce high quality products. In the same way, companies desire good employees to develop and lead them towards their goal. For this reason, people who are seeking jobs should know the qualities of good employees that many companies or employers are really looking for. In general, the qualities that the employers really want from employees depend on the types of their companies or the…

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  • Razer Incorporate Marketing Strategy

    1.0 Introduction Razer Incorporate is an organization that focus and is specialize in the PC gaming product such as the gaming tablet computer, gaming laptops and the various type of gadgets and accessories that is wearable and usable for all of the gamer in the worldwide. The organization are an American based company and founded at 1998, headquarter are in California, United States. In nowadays, Razer are one of the leading brand in the gaming series market compared with the Logitech and the…

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  • Acer Case Study

    Acer’s company work in producing computer hardware they have producing laptop, netbooks, desktop computers, storage systems peripheral devices, LCD television, and e-business solutions. Acer’s company started with acquiring acquired Altos Peripherals so, they used External Technology Development for example: in 1996 – Acer signs a reciprocal patent licensing agreement with IBM, Intel and Texas Instruments allowing use of each other’s patented technology , than in1997 – Acer acquires…

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  • Sony Company Case Study

    How Sony Corporation design its process? Just like the world leading companies “Sony” Corporation also uses Double Diamond Model to evaluate their design process. Sony established his design centers in many countries. The main aim of Sony Corporation is to pick opportunity and implement them. For the initial ideas and concept has originated from each centers and sent to organization for approval. When the new ideas become align to the organization goals. The company sign it for future…

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