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  • The Blindman's Meal Analysis

    mystical form. Instead of a grand halo, we see a modest light encircling His head, and the greater draw is towards His posture in calling the saint-to-be, Matthew. But there are other elements that may suggest Divinity – for instance, the great beam of light shining through the window casts a forceful presence and unnatural spotlight on Levi (Matthew). The light itself may be significant in spiritual symbolism as there is no shadow projected behind Levi, rather, his whole face and upper body…

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  • Lindisfarne Gospels: Art Analysis

    but with a closer look, they would see attempts at making the art three-dimensional. With The Lindisfarne Gospels, one will notice that there are four gospels (Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John). Focusing on Matthew’s page of the book, it is obvious how much care and detail went into the painting. The attempts to make the clothing on Matthew look like it has some dimension and like it has rumples is…

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  • Why Are There So Many Gospels

    of overlapping. The three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke are the first books of the New Testament, and make up the synoptic gospel. These books give three different accounts of the same story, showing that the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection has many levels. Some scholars think that they are contradictory, but despite the differences, the gospels are complimentary, and help give the full picture of Jesus’ time on earth. A Glance at Matthew The word…

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  • Use Of Parables In The Gospel

    Jesus in the Gospels is the Kingdom of God. Through allegories, analogies and parables, the Gospel authors try to explain the nature, timing, and requirements of the Kingdom of God. Matthew most often refers to the “Kingdom of Heaven,” perhaps because of the Jewish custom of not saying the name of God, although Matthew is not consistent in this practice, occasionally using the term “Kingdom of God.” The consensus seems to be that these two terms are synonymous. Parables are analogous stories…

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  • Essay On The Beatitudes

    Synoptic Gospels, both Matthew 5:1-12 and Luke 6:20-26, in the New Testament. This teaching discusses people who are blessed and what they will receive, and this story is noted as an important teaching from the Gospels in the New Testament. The Beatitudes in both the Gospels of Matthew and Luke have overarching similarities, but there are also differences that make each story unique and help to convey a specific intention the author wants his audience to pick up on. In Luke and Matthew, Jesus…

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  • Analysis Of The Novel 'Mount Of Olives'

    Mount olive , the third novel of The Alexandria Quartet ,published in 1958, according to Durrell's description is a naturalistic novel in which the narrator of Justine and Balthazar becomes an object that is, a character. Mount olive is the name of the principal character in the novel and is symbolic of peace as in the Bible, the Mount of Olives is the place from where the dove got the olive leaf to Noah in the ark when the flood waters receded. The Mount of Olives also was a place that Jesus…

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  • Jewish Influence On The Gospel Of Matthew

    The Jewish Influence on the Gospel of Matthew The evangelist who wrote the gospel of Matthew was most likely a scribe of Jewish-Christian origins. Historical evidence indicates that the work was written during the decade between eighty and ninety Common Era. By drawing on the gospel of Mark and the unknown “Q” source, the author of the gospel creates a different take on the narrative of Jesus’ life. By altering the narrative structure and using Old Testament references the author created the…

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  • Jesus To Christ Textual Analysis

    The search for historical Jesus is a difficult one. As mentioned in the video "From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians," there is no written information about Jesus at the time that he lived, the written information we have is after the time of Jesus’ life and we do not know who the author(s) are. I believe that you have to integrate the historical, and archeology, findings with the messages in the Bible; you cannot ignore solid evidence. As we have learned in this class you must take into…

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  • The Gospel According To St. Matthew Analysis

    Paulo Passolini’s heart touching film, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, illustrates the life of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Matthew is considered as one of the important gospels in the bible because it “…contains an extensive account of Jesus’ teachings…”, which helps individuals understand the Christian religion even more precise (“New Testament of the Bible”). Passolini not only was able to capture a visual chronicle of the gospel but also engages his audiences to feel connected to our…

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  • Purpose Of Shalom In Education

    Purpose of an Education promoting shalom Mercy Ann Ranjan Introduction: Looking at the root Hebrew meaning for shalom we see in the Old Testament, the root word is found in many Semitic languages. The Akkadian salamu comes closest to the root meaning “whole or complete” (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, 1992, pp 206). According to the New Testament, it is referred that the Hebrews tended to use the term primarily for interpersonal or social relations where it comes very close to meaning “Justice.”…

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