The Three Stages Of Obedience To The Purpose Of The Church

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Introduction Making disciples is the overarching purpose of the church. However, many churches struggle with understanding and fulfilling the true meaning of Christian discipleship in individuals’ lives. This writing assignment will attempt to expound on several significant aspects of discipleship. The importance of the centrality of Jesus Christ to Christian discipleship will be detailed. Also, obedience to the directives of Christ and submission of particular areas of one’s life will be outlined. Finally, the three stages of discipleship according to Dave Earley and Rod Dempsy will be delineated and expanded upon.

Centrality of Christ When Jesus is our central focus, a person’s vision will have the tendency to become clearer. Jesus did
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Amen.” Clearly from this verse and others, Christ was central to every aspect of Paul’s ministry. His efforts to disciple others revolved around the instruction of Christ. Colossians 3:2 says, “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” The last part of verse 11 says, “…Christ is all, and in all.” Christ must be in the middle of everything we do, especially discipleship. There is no other content in discipleship except for Jesus Christ himself. The essence of making disciples is about reaching people with the gospel and helping them continue to grow in Christ. Obedience to his instruction is directly relative to the amount of growth that will happen in a person’s …show more content…
He likened it to laying aside your doubts, leaving your nets, and launching out. Obedience to these three steps is of paramount importance in order for progression to happen. First, a person must submit to the initial call of becoming a committed believer. This involves obeying the gospel and moving from a place of curiosity to a place of being converted. Second, the individual must forsake his or her self and move into a greater level of commitment. This involves prayer, study of the Word of God, immersion into a Christian community, and more. Finally, third, the disciple must become obedient with fulfilling the Great Commission in others’ lives as well. The third stage involves becoming a missionary in whatever setting a person is in, working in ministry to assist the church, and getting active in showing Jesus to the community. Authentic discipleship requires each step of obedience for Jesus Christ.

Conclusion Christian discipleship must have Christ at the center of all efforts. Christ and the gospel is the driving force for any disciple-focused church. Therefore, in order to actually be a disciple, one must be obedient to the words and request of Jesus Christ. As a man or woman becomes obedient, Christ will take him or her through a journey that usually is a three-step process of regeneration, transformation, and reproduction. Making disciples was the mission of Christ.

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