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  • Matthew David Mcconaughey Research Paper

    On November 4th, 1969 in the Texas town of Uvalde, Matthew David McConaughey was born to his mother, Mary Kathleen. His father was a Mississippi-born gas station owner who ran an oil pipe supply business. Growing up in Longview, Texas, Matthew had little interest in his father’s oil business. He took a trip to Australia to get a change in scenery and returned with a slight accent. After coming home to Texas, Matthew attended the University of Texas in Austin originally for law, but, then he changed his major to film. He started his acting career in student films and commercials in Texas then later got his first big role in the film Dazed and Confused in 1993 after Don Phillips spotted him. Matthew has since been cast in many roles from the romantic guy of The Wedding Planner in 2001 to a criminal defense attorney in The Lincoln Lawyer in 2011 (Samargjiev). He married Camila Alves on June 9th, 2012 and has since had three children with her. Although many in the Hollywood scene have been accused of having their negative moments, Matthew McConaughey is consistently praised by fans and co-stars for his positive influence, witty charisma, and unfading smile. Many people understand Matthew McConaughey to be a romantic comedy actor when in truth, he has…

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  • The Importance Of Attending The University Of Chicago

    Near the end of the movie, actor Matthew McConaughey enters a black hole and gains access to a higher-dimensional world. In this higher-dimensional world, time is represented as a three-dimensional space. McConaughey can move around in this space and access any moment in time in his daughter’s room. At first, I dismissed this type of access to time as purely science fiction; however, after watching a video with physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining the ending of the movie, I realized there…

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  • Analysis Of The Parable Of The Tenants

    directed at the often hypocritical religious leaders of the time and used it to bridge the transition from Judaism to Christianity. The Parable of the Tenants is a great example of Jesus chastising the Jewish lawgivers and the leadership of the religion. In doing so establishing the 'cornerstone ' of the new church. In Matthew 21, Jesus tells us the Parable of the Tenants while instructing these elders and leaders to listen carefully because he was directing it at them. He tells the story of…

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  • Themes In The Laramie Project

    The play The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman and the members of the Tectonic Theater Project describes the situation of twenty-one-year-old Matthew Shepard. Matthew was known to be homosexual and found himself in a life or death situation when he was attacked by Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney. Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and passed away after being comatose for five days. The perpetrators were arrested for a number of things including kidnapping and first degree murder.…

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  • Four Views Of Christ And Jesus In The Gospel Of Jesus

    each having been written during different time periods and by different minds. When different thought processes and personalities converge into one Bible, it is indisputable that there will be a degree of variation in the presentation of Jesus across the four gospels. The Gospel of Mark portrayed Jesus’ Messiahship through his suffering as a reparation for the sins of his followers. On the other hand, the Gospel of Matthew represented Jesus as the new Moses for the Israelites by drawing…

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  • The Parable In The NIV Bible

    Matthew 24:45-51 describes the story with a servant whose master is away. The parable has two outcome; if the servant is faithful and do what he was assigned for then it is good; however, if the servant choose to disobey and “beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with drunkards” then he will be punished severely (NIV Bible, Matthew 24:49). Jesus was giving a warning for Christian underneath the actions of the servant. In the story, the master is Jesus himself, the Son of Man, but in this…

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  • Reflection: A Day Of Love With A Shared Life

    understanding of our theme today? VI. Instrumental music will be played as participants spend some time for silence and reflection. VIII. Dyad Sharing Participants will be paired. Each of them will share their reflection on the given guide questions. IX. Symbol Making/ Drawing The participants will come up with their own symbol of ways wherein they were able to share their lives with others. Example: spending time with a friend who needs someone to talk to; Jesus spent time with…

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  • Differences Of Nouthetic And Integrative Counseling

    Differences of Nouthetic and Integrative Counseling The field of psychology has been divided many times into many different schools of thought and even in Christian counseling these differences in opinion still come forth. The two sides to Christian counseling are Nouthetic/traditional counseling and Integrative counseling. Nouthetic just focuses on using the New Testament and the Old Testament together to teach people and to try and help them with any issues. Integrative counseling not only…

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  • The Old Testament: The Importance Of New Testament To Christianity

    came true in the Old Testament as both Israel and Judah were destroyed with many people exiled into foreign empires for about 80 years. The prophets’ prophesies did come true without any flaws as mouthpiece of the God. The prophets of the Old Testament not only prophesied the fall of Judah and Israel, but also about the Messiah, as well. The Bible mentions the coming of the Messiah who would bring liberation. Amazingly enough, all the actions of the Messiah match the Jesus’ life in the New…

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  • Wisdom In The Old Testament Analysis

    Of the many words exemplified in the Bible, one word that is constantly being interpreted is “Wisdom.” The origins of Wisdom in the Bible stem from the old testament. As the books of the Bible progress, the word Wisdom takes on many different shapes. Like many words and concepts in the Old Testament (OT), the New testament uses context to provide a clearer explanation of what those terms mean. This paper will incorporate biblical references as well as scholarly commentary to define, identify…

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