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  • Sermon On The Mount Analysis Essay

    Matthew 7, in addition to emphasizing Jesus’ strong historical/cultural message on the Mount, makes use of some very poignant and effective literary devices to enhance and emphasize the message. Jesus is the one using these literary devices, as he concludes His Sermon on the Mount. Jesus uses a variety of metaphors, personifications, and parables to illustrate his message to and to teach the crowd in a coherent way that resonates with them. In verse 15, Jesus makes the notable comparison between…

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  • The Holy Bible: Matthew The Apostle Of Jesus Christ

    Introduction Matthew, also called Levi. Jesus Christ gave Matthew the apostle this name----Levi, it means “the gift of God”. This name also represent the transfer between his sinful past and his future (follow Lord Jesus Christ) and he is not just a gift of God,he is the gift others. He proved this later in Bible stories. Levi is the son of Alphaeus and the brother of James the Less. James the Less is also an apostle of Jesus Christ. The first time Matthew appear in the Holy Bible, he is in a…

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  • Mccane Majority Interpretation Analysis

    Sanders’ refutation of the ‘proverbial interpretation’ of these verses, it seems that Jesus’ commandment provides a ‘negative thrust’ and ‘ironic twist’ in order to almost mock the issue of secondary burial as the primary issue of the passage in Matthew. For, as we have seen, it obvious that Jesus would never set Old Testament Law in meaningful conflict with his call to discipleship, for he is the human embodiment of God, who delivered to us the Old Law, while he is also the very Creator that…

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  • Matthew Shepard Play Analysis

    or robbery gone wrong, is the central question the people are trying to find out. In the town of Laramie, Matthew Shepard was murdered and now the Tectonic Play theatre are here to see how the town has changed, how the murder is seen through media and how people feel about his murder, even ten years later. Throughout the play a major theme is how the town has grown from the murder of Matthew Sheppard. There are so many different programs, theme nights and even projects done at the university to…

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  • Write An Essay On The Four Gospels

    source. In the Gospel of Matthew, the author chooses to focus on the teaching and prophecy fulfilling aspects of Jesus over the other possible views. The stories and references were carefully chosen to be suit the intended audience of the author, showing the savior who they needed the most. The gospel of Matthew was written anonymously around 80-90 AD and its genre closely resembles an ancient biography. Christian tradition identifies the author, or at least the source, as Matthew the tax…

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  • What Is A Good Fruit

    Illustration: Imagine if you will that you’re driving down a country gravel road on a lazy, sunny autumn afternoon. As you drive down this road you notice there are two fruit orchards one on each side of the road. You become curious as to the type of fruit on the trees and if you can pick it or have to buy a prearranged set amount like a peck or bushel. Without really thinking about it you decided to turn down the drive way of one of the two orchards, dust is flying from your car as it rambles…

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  • If I Were The Devil Analysis

    point in my Christian walk I was a pharisee. I invited people, but I discriminated towards certain people I would invite. Through maturity I realized even the least of people need God. Usually, it is the least or lower class people who follow Christ. Matthew 5:3 became a real revelation to me; the poor in spirit are blessed. During my immature days I would try to go for the leaders or popular people, this would work sometimes. On the other hand, my friend will invite anyone, it was usually not…

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  • Analysis Of The Gospel Revisited By Scot Mcknight

    Summary Over ten chapters, Scot McKnight, in The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited, articulated the Gospel of King Jesus. In the first chapter, McKnight provided three scenarios that supported his argument, namely, that there is a need to answer the question of what is the Gospel. The next chapter distinguished a salvation culture from a Gospel culture. Unfortunately, most of evangelical churches today lean towards a salvation culture. To have a Gospel culture instead of a…

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  • Donald B. Kraybill's The Upside-Down Kingdom

    Donald B. Kraybill’s book “The Upside-Down Kingdom” reveals the kingdom of God that Jesus talks about in first century Palestine. The main point that Kraybill develops in his book is that the kingdom of God that Jesus teaches during His time on earth appears to be upside down in the sense that He focused on winning by serving and triumphed by losing. His principles were seemingly unorthodox as they disregarded the commonality of that time where the wealthy became wealthier and the poor became…

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  • Hate Crimes: The Role Of Discrimination In Modern Society

    Matthew Shepard was an American college student at the university of Wyoming, he lived a decently normal life. However, since he was young he was targeted because of his lack of athleticism and his small stature. Saudi Aramco hired his father in the summer…

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