Reflection: A Day Of Love With A Shared Life

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I. Welcome: A grace-filled morning, everyone! Today, we continue to immerse ourselves in the abundance of God’s grace in our lives through this day of reflection. This is an opportune time for us to spend a special moment of silence, prayer and reflection with God, the Source of all goodness. God continues to share with us His infinite goodness by giving us Jesus Christ, His only Son, who selflessly share Himself with us through His life, death and resurrection. His life is a concrete reflection of God’s love manifested through His public ministry with people from all walks of life, especially with the sinners and outcasts in the society. One of the remarkable expressions of love with these people was His sharing of meal with them. This morning,
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Just call me Anne for short. Jesus has blessed me with a loving family.
(Describe God’s manifestation of His love to you through His blessing.)

IV. Introduction to the theme of the day
Theme: Shared meal…Shared life!
A video clip will be shown twice: A Filipino family eating together

V. Reflection Questions:
1. What struck you most about the video clip?
2. How does it relate to Jesus’ sharing of a meal with people from all walks of life?
3. How does the video clip help you deepen your understanding of our theme today?

VI. Instrumental music will be played as participants spend some time for silence and reflection.
VIII. Dyad Sharing
Participants will be paired. Each of them will share their reflection on the given guide questions.
IX. Symbol Making/ Drawing
The participants will come up with their own symbol of ways wherein they were able to share their lives with others.

Example: spending time with a friend who needs someone to talk to; Jesus spent time with people from all walks of life; sharing your talents, spiritual blessings, and treasures to those in

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