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  • Letter To The Ephesians Analysis

    Ephesians; Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians Ephesians is the tenth book of the new testament. It is also the fifth letter Paul wrote to various groups of people. It is an intense, in depth letter about how important the church is for the christian faith. Paul was targeting the Gentiles and Jews to bring their beliefs and differences together. It is highly debated as well if Paul actually wrote this letter or was it an imitator. The importance that Paul chose to write this letter to Ephesus, was…

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  • The Bible's Book Of Genesis And King Esarhaddon Of Assyria

    The article that I have chosen is the story about Joseph from the Bible’s Book of Genesis and King Esarhaddon of Assyria, who ruled Western Asia from 680-669 BCE. This article analyze and compare the parallel between both important figures. According to the Bible's Book of Genesis, Joseph was the younger son of Jacob. He had ten elder brothers who were envious of him since Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son with his second wife, Rachel. There was a plot against Joseph in which his half-brothers…

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  • Gospel Of Mark Themes

    When it comes to the Bible there are many themes that are expressed throughout it. The visibility of many themes is especially true when it comes to the Gospels, and in this case in particular the Gospel of Mark. There were many themes within this Gospel, but the one that stuck out the most was Jesus as Healer. This is seen first in Mark 1:23-26 and continues all the way to Mark 16:9. This is expressed in three main ways, when Jesus heals the ill, when he frees people of demons, and when he…

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  • Bible Contradictions

    describing the same object. The bible is a very reliable source and once the verses are broken down and looked further into the “contradictions” will not seem so contradictory anymore. The first contradiction comes from the verses of Mark 14:30 and Matthew 26:34. The problem is how many times did the rooster crow and what did Jesus really say? The answer to this is that, both books do not state how many times the rooster but state that Peter will deny the Lord three times. The only major…

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  • The Deity Of Christ In Jehovah's Witnesses

    The First was in Matthew 22:32 where he said “I AM the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” He also said he was when he was being tried by the elders and chief priests to which the Jews clearly saw…

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  • Christian Fathers Research Paper

    survive three days and nights in a fish’s belly? Was he swallowed by a fish or a mammal?” First: Although it has been argued that the Old Testament book of Jonah is a fairy tale, the Lord Himself referred to it as a sign that His teaching was true. (Matthew 12: 39-41) Fiction proves nothing. Second: Whether this was a miracle or the providential operation of God the facts remain the same. God may have performed a miracle and created a special sea creature for this occasion or He may have…

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  • Roman And Greek Culture In The Period Of The New Testament

    Christianity and Judaism was a big deal in Roman and Greek culture during the period of the New Testament. Religion seemed to be the center of many conflicts and separation between civilizations during this time. The birth of Jesus brought in a lot of controversies within Hellenistic cultures and therefore we see many influences of the new covenant in several of the sculptures and art work created by Greco-Roman artists. Going to the Getty Villa, I was able to find many connections between the…

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  • Godspell Analysis

    Jesus of Nazareth is most likely the most influential man of all time. The majority of events in the common era- which began with his birth- can be considered a result of his life. As the founder of Christianity, he has had billions of followers throughout the past 2000 years. The Bible- which contains four accounts of his biography- has been published more than any other book. His life and influence has lead to the founding of nations, the composition of songs, and the writing of many, many…

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  • The Conversion Of Waldo Analysis

    the school of theology, he receives a spiritual awakening, and he sells his belongings like Saint Alexis (Waldo). The master references the Gospel of Matthew when Waldo comes to see him: "Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me" (Matthew 19:21). Although Waldo does not sell all of his belongings, he takes on the role of an apostle living off what God can provide him. Waldo also…

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  • Compare And Contrast Matthew And John

    about Matthew and John because they are the first and last of the Gospels. I am also the most interested in these two books since one is a synoptic Gospel and the other is not. Matthew and John are both Gospels. However, Matthew is a synoptic gospel and John is not. John is different than all the other Gospels and is not considered a synoptic Gospel because it does not contain the birth of Jesus. This is one of the main differences between Matthew and John. Despite that difference both Matthew…

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