Matthew Shepard Act

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  • The Law In A Civilized Society

    committing harmful actions. As acts are passed, things tend to change for better or worse. There have been a large number of society-altering acts passed, each one affecting different people in different ways; Whether the effect was social, political or economic, depends on perspective and where you, as a person, stand in society. The law is truly the most important aspect of a civilized society but it all comes down to the laws created. The Legislative Branch has changed the course of history through their power of creating laws. Three examples of how they have created social and economic change are The Fugitive Slave Act, The Civil Rights Act and the Matthew Shepard Act. When the United States first began, the Americans feared their new country turning into a monarchy like Great Britain and in an attempt to stop one leader from becoming too…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Laramie Project

    to a plethora of cultures, in my personal experience and academic career, I have had the privilege to understand and further appreciate many lifestyles. Through these experiences, my mission: to serve toward compassion and respect, rather than intolerance and isolation, has remained clear. These past 8 years, Obama has been a champion for LGBTQ+ Americans. Victories under his presidency include the signing of the Matthew Shepard Act and Marriage Equality becoming the law of the land. Obama’s…

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  • Themes In The Laramie Project

    The play The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman and the members of the Tectonic Theater Project describes the situation of twenty-one-year-old Matthew Shepard. Matthew was known to be homosexual and found himself in a life or death situation when he was attacked by Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney. Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and passed away after being comatose for five days. The perpetrators were arrested for a number of things including kidnapping and first degree murder.…

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  • Hate Crimes: The Role Of Discrimination In Modern Society

    and some people are even relentless enough to attempt and sometimes succeed to act upon it. These actions are called hate crimes and are a worldwide phenomenon that continues to ravage the hearts of loved ones. Over the course of 50 or so years hate crimes have been very prominate in modern society, the serious ones mainly coming…

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  • Laramie Analysis

    Mathew Shepard, the young gay man who was murdered, in a less than positive manner. We see how casually the residents use these words within the interviews that were conducted. It becomes very clear the LGBTQ+ community is not accepted when people like Doc O’Conner refer to gay individuals as “the gay people, queens, you know, the run around faggot type people”(Kaufman 32). We also hear from a young lesbian woman, Catherine Connolly, working at the University of Wyoming. On her first day at her…

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  • The Role Of Racism In American Society

    The well known words “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal" were once said by the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These words have sent chills down the spines of many generations. As the years passed, Dr. King’s dream had become a reality but there were still ways to go. The fact that decades after Dr. King’s times, one’s skin color or ethnicity is still an issue…

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  • Selection From Losing Matt Shepard Analysis

    and identities. Protecting individuals’ identities allows them to express who they are, which is when their individual involvements are revealed. In “Selections from Losing Matt Shepard”, by Beth Loffreda, certain groups of individuals were not allowed to represent…

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  • Matthew Shepard Play Analysis

    Hate crime or robbery gone wrong, is the central question the people are trying to find out. In the town of Laramie, Matthew Shepard was murdered and now the Tectonic Play theatre are here to see how the town has changed, how the murder is seen through media and how people feel about his murder, even ten years later. Throughout the play a major theme is how the town has grown from the murder of Matthew Sheppard. There are so many different programs, theme nights and even projects done at the…

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  • Stereotypes In The Laramie Project

    why people don’t accept homosexual is because of stereotyping. In my opinion, people who stereotype are usually affected by the society, because they were taught that being homosexual is not normal. People who stereotype are narrow-minded, and lack of education. Those who believe gay stereotypes may also believe that homosexuality are immoral, wrong, and an abomination. People in Wyoming were not exposed enough to accept homosexuals. Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were the examples of…

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  • Case Study: The Laramie Project

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported on December 8th, 2014, “60.6% [out of] 1,402 hate crimes . . . based on sexual orientation [are] classified as anti-gay (male) bias” (Latest Hate Crime Statistics Report Released). Crimes against homosexuals have been reported nationwide, but a hate crime in Laramie, Wyoming changed the gay community. On October 12, 1998, twenty-one-year old Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and murdered by two young Laramie citizens because of Shepard’s…

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