The Laramie Project

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  • Themes In The Laramie Project

    The play The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman and the members of the Tectonic Theater Project describes the situation of twenty-one-year-old Matthew Shepard. Matthew was known to be homosexual and found himself in a life or death situation when he was attacked by Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney. Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and passed away after being comatose for five days. The perpetrators were arrested for a number of things including kidnapping and first degree murder. Throughout the play there are many themes that the author displays including religion, violence, and crime; the author uses many different drama terms to illustrate these themes. The drama terms include dialogue, character, tragedy, the antagonist and the setting.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Laramie Project

    The Laramie Project explores Laramie, Wyoming, the mainstream impact and cultural implications the town underwent during and after Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old openly gay college student, was beaten, tortured, and left to die on a fence. For all who I directed, some even LGBTQ+ students themselves, not one heard of the 1998 story that resurrected back into the media the issue of violence toward LGBTQ+ people since the Stonewall era. In this production, we empathized and connected with the…

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  • Case Study: The Laramie Project

    nationwide, but a hate crime in Laramie, Wyoming changed the gay community. On October 12, 1998, twenty-one-year old Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and murdered by two young Laramie citizens because of Shepard’s sexual orientation. In The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later, Moises Kaufman and his team of interviewers uncovered Laramie’s many social problems, which led to individuals violently projecting their bias towards homosexuals. These individuals…

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  • The Laramie Project And Fires In The Mirror Analysis

    ethics, passed to the audience in many different outlooks on life and values. The ethical considerations what are highlighted from The Laramie Project and Fires In The Mirror will be discussed in this essay. The Laramie Project is a documentary drama about gay bullying. On October 6, 1998, the United States occurred in a small town Laramie appalling tragedy, a 21-year-old boy by two equally young boys…

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  • The Laramie Project Essay

    The Death of a boy and the Birth of a Hate Crime I. Thesis Statement In this 2017 celebration of The Laramie Project, the death of a gay man that is put in question was effectively presented with a minimalist slanted set, a set of a few chairs, and a projector which allowed the audience to be immersed in the performance and understand the emotions and intensity that exude from this production. II. Overview 1.) The name of the play is The Laramie Project 2.) The Two Playwrights are Moises…

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  • Laramie Project Reflection

    Over the course of Dramatic Literature, we read and explored many important issues through literature. A moment that I found particularly powerful is when we read The Laramie Project and created interviews on the truth in drama through the production of our own documentary theater. My group conducted an interview on the question: is it okay for guys to sleep around, but not girls? In conducting the interview, the responses we got were overall the same. Many of the people we interviewed responded…

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  • Stereotypes In The Laramie Project

    “The Laramie Project” was a movie played by a group of people showing the reaction to the 1998 murder of a gay student in Laramie, Wyoming. The murder was criticized as a hate crime and brought attention to Laramie, Wyoming. The town was well known as a friendly place until Shepard’s death. This incident was an awful tragedy that discolors the name and reputation of the town. I was surprised to see that people would kill someone based on their sexuality. In 21st century, being homosexual is no…

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  • The Laramie Project Summary

    Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Controversies in the Laramie Project Introduction The Laramie Project is a play that revolves around the death of a student at the Ottumwa High School. The circumstances that lead to the student's murder was that he was gay and that made him the odd one out in the eyes of his fellow students who had negative thoughts about his lifestyle. However, that is not the only reason behind the composition of the play that was the Laramie project. The principal…

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  • The Laramie Project Analysis

    The Laramie Project covers the story of the murder of Matthew Shepard, however, Shepard makes no appearance in the film. The only information about him comes from the people of Laramie, reminiscent of Citizen Kane. The director made this choice to make viewers form their own opinions on Shepard by giving conflicting opinions of him and make the film more focused on the town of Laramie rather than solely on Shepard. Throughout the film Shepard is never shown in any way. No actor portrays him…

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  • Laramie Project Film Analysis

    Elizabeth Evans Film Critique The movie, The Laramie Project, is based on the play originally preformed by the Tectonic Theatre Company - so it is not a conventional movie. The Laramie Project is basically a re-enacted documentary. The movie is done like this because the play is a series of monologues and short dialogues taken from the interviews - it does not flow from scene to scene but instead is presented in "moments" that are not in chronological order and are mixed together to give the…

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