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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Neoliberalism

    The 18th-century economic principle of laissez-faire, the idea that everything should take its own course without government interference, has been resurfacing as neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is a 20th-century movement of large-scale production to developing nations and the push for free global trade that is made possible by the greater global connectedness, a result of globalization. Open trade markets are beneficial to members of the upper-class western world who can purchase goods at lower…

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  • Woodland Park Elementary School: Case Study

    immersed in culture being German herself she had chose to learn the German language in the classroom. I remember being able to count up to ten in German and I thought that was the best. The class also celebrated many different holidays, we celebrated Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, and enjoyed a German Christmas Lunch. Mrs. Wagner was also very patient and wanted to have a…

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  • Personal Statement: Individual Differences In The Classroom

    I struggled in elementary and secondary school and by the time I got to high school, I thought I just wasn’t smart. I left my high school of 150 graduates and went to Texas Tech armed with a lack of confidence. I found myself on scholastic probation for two semesters and my third semester was a disaster. I got married, had two children and decided I was going back to college determined to be successful. It was during those years, I discovered I didn’t receive or retain information the way it…

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  • Compare And Contrast Kate Choppin And Mrs. Mallard And The Story Of An Hour

    Kate Chopin and Mrs. Mallard are two characters that when compared and contrasted seem to be different. Kate Chopin feels free after the death of her husband, but has the responsibility of raising a family and taking care of the general store. Meanwhile Mrs. Mallard feels free after hearing the rumor of her husband’s death and it contrasts with the truth because he never dies and therefore she is not free until the death arrives arrives and takes her. The life of Kate Chopin and had nothing to…

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  • Family Food Routine Analysis

    A food routine analysis of my family would be a food routine based on not only Midwestern routine, but also the routine in Northern Minnesota of an immigrant family from Italy. My mother was born in, and spent most of her life in the Midwest, and my father was born in Northern Minnesota to a traditional Italian family that had immigrated to the United States only a generation prior. When I look at the routines that have emerged from the union of my parents, I see something that is varied.…

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  • Race Inequality

    photography Luster was able to give these prisoners a voice. It was also a way to expose the issue of Louisiana having the highest incarceration percentages in the United States. A photo that caught my attention was of Zelphea Adams in his version of a Mardi Gras Parade costume. The prisoners were able to use what they had at their disposal to prepare for their photo and I saw Adam’s portrayal as the most creative and unique. He was born in New Orleans and chose to depict his deep ties to the…

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  • Growing Up In New Orleans

    Growing up in Louisiana has been a part of my life. Before moving back to Virginia in the 7th grade, we resided in Louisiana for about 7 years. We would travel to New Orleans very often for various sporting events that my siblings and I would participate in or we would go to watch the New Orleans Saints or the New Orleans Pelicans play. New Orleans has so much to offer that for all ages. Many people may think that New Orleans is only for adults but there are some kid-friendly things to do.…

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  • Tim Burton Movie Analysis

    Sade Adu, a singer and songwriter, said, “I think you only really feel like an outsider if you’ve been an insider.” Her quote sinks deep with people everywhere because of its relatable meaning. Like many people in the world, growing up, Tim Burton felt that he was an outsider attempting to fit in with normal people. His troubles with being different and his childhood make large impacts on his style and the way he directs his movies. He uses a variety of cinematic techniques to portray ideas…

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  • Beautiful Crescent Analysis

    New Orleans, a city founded in the middle of nowhere, is a city that has had to work to exist. New Orleans was doomed from its conception to be a place like no other, considering that the person it was named after had a reputation all his own. The Duke of Orleans was a man that lived by his own standards, completely apart from society, so much so that John Law predicted his death by saying that, “he was going to die of pleasure.” American, but not quite American, the city continues to stand out…

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  • The Optimist's Daughter Laurel Character Analysis

    Eudora Welty, author of famous novel The Optimist’s Daughter, is know for her exquisite literary works. Welty is a Mississippi native, having attended Jackson High School where she first engaged with her literary strengths. The Optimist’s Daughter is renown novel, arguably Welty’s best work— winning a Pulitzer Prize. The J.D William’s library at the University of Mississippi obtains several copies of the novel in English, French, Chinese, and Tybaniese which provides evidence of the popularity…

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