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  • LGBT Case Study

    Marcus is a 16 year old African American male who was living in Pine Hill, Alabama with his both parents. Recently, Marcus was kicked out the home because his parents, who are conservative Christians, learned that Marcus is gay. After, Marcus was caught shoplifting in Midtown Mobile at the Walmart off Hwy south of Interstate 65. Mobile is the third populous city in the state of Alabama. According to the U.S. Census reported Mobile population estimates at an approximate 195,111 people living in…

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  • The Poetic World Of Vievee Francis: Analysis Of Forest Primeval

    Title: The Poetic World of Vievee Francis – Analysis of Forest Primeval The poet, Vievee Francis, opens her book, Forest Primeval, with two short poems, “Another Antipastoral” and “White Mountain”. These two poems show broader thoughts of Francis such as how she sees and feels the world surrounding her as she introduces her new book of poems. A book of poems may have a number of different thoughts in each poem, but the different thoughts actually comes from one writer so the main notion behind…

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  • Essay On Sarah Jones

    “The FCC Won’t Let Sarah Be:” A Research paper on Sarah Jones Vs. The FCC Sarah Jones is an American Playwright, actress, and poet. In 2001 she wrote and preformed her first song “Your Revolution,” which is a critique of Hip-Hop pop culture by parodying famous artists’ offensive lyrics; however, the FCC pulled her song because they felt it was “indecent.” My research is on the reason why the FCC denied Jones’ song to be play, and how their reasoning is the point that she was trying to make,…

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  • Descriptive Essay: My Friend Jordan Hartman

    The physical exercise satisfies the emptiness that was once filled by the long, exhausting hours marching in Mardi Gras parades, the Saturday afternoon festival, and nevertheless every week’s Friday night lights. As he recalls his glorious days under the shinning spotlight of the crowded, freshly cut field in which they performed, Tito smiles with his big, round…

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  • Tullane University Commencement Speech Analysis

    In analyzing Ellen DeGeneres’ 2009 Tulane University commencement speech, in my opinion, was a combination of persuasive and informative. It starts off as informative and then towards the end it is almost like she is trying to persuade them that they will be okay out in the world after graduation. When Ellen begins her speech, she proceeds to tell the audience about her life before stardom, letting everyone know that she worked several different jobs that paid about minimum wage. Almost…

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  • Morgan Spurlock Consumerism

    Morgan Spurlock and Corby Kummer’s position on consumerism, consumption and marketing vary in different ways. Consumerism, consumption and marketing can be viewed several different ways. The authors have some vivid and valid points for each of these categories in a good way and in a bad way. The effects each of these points have on the authors and the different outcomes within their lifestyles differ dramatically. Spurlock contends that consumerism is an outcry for people to buy…

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

    A Streetcar Named Desire, written by Tennessee Williams, tells the story of Stella and Stanley Kowalski and the dramatic turmoil that overtakes their relationship upon the arrival of Stella’s sister Blanche DuBois. In the first half of the play, Williams introduces both the setting and the primary characters almost immediately using vivid imagery, appealing to both the visual and olfactory senses of his readers; “"You can almost feel the warm breath of the brown river beyond the river…

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  • Henri Bibfebvre's Theory Of The Social Production Of Space

    The three key things that seem to effect the way that students map and interact with campus are on or off campus residence, transportation method, and major; it should be noted that I believe gender and race have a fairly significant impact on how interviewee’s gave meaning to and experienced campus, and while past conversations with students of various gender identities and with students of color indicate that this is true, I do not have any data to support this hypothesis due to my sample…

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  • Pros And Cons Of San Francisco

    1.San Francisco, California Is there a valid argument to this? With San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate bridge, innovative Silicon Valley, and notable cable cars it is the zenith of American culture and spirit. It is also important to note that STANFORD hasn’t even been pointed out. Everything about the city screams: Improve! Improve! Improve! Another interesting fact about San Francisco is that during the Great Depression not a single bank failed. San Francisco is truly the epicenter of world…

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  • Ruby Bridges: Civil Rights Activist

    Gaelle Medidor Civil Rights Activist February 22, 2017 Ruby Bridges Ruby Bridges is famous for doing something most of us take for granted today: going to elementary school. But that simple act by one small girl played an important part in the Civil Rights Movement. Ruby Nell Bridges was born on September 8, 1954, in Tylertown, Mississippi, and grew up on the farm her parents and grandparents sharecropped in Mississippi. When…

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