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  • Essay On The Rise Of Osama Bin Laden

    a. Help students understand the role ideology has played and continues to play in shaping world events: This course goal was accomplished for me when we did the topic of Osama bin Laden and his hatred for the United States. Because the United States is a liberal, capitalist society where everyone has the freedom to do what they want, Osama bin Laden hated that. He felt as if a country should have control over every aspect of its citizens’ lives. His hatred for American was carried out in a…

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  • North Korean Genocide

    The Never Ending Genocide On February 12th, 2016, North Korea tested its most popular nuclear weapon, stirring debate around the world. During the previous super bowl North Korea flew spy satellites over the super bowl stadium. These recent and almost invasive events are the just the icing on the cake, North Koreas history for being a ruthless and extremely hostile country under its dictatorial leaders is long standing. This aggressiveness is not limited to its enemies, their treatment of their…

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  • China's Position In The Global Intellectual Property Market

    Recently, China has become more encouraging of innovation through increased enforcement of intellectual property rights. To solidify its position in the global intellectual property market, China joined WIPO in 1980 and the Paris Convention on Industrial Property in 1985. Additionally, China signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty in 1994, registered all trademarks with the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 1990, and became a member of the World Trade…

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  • The Three Phases Of The Communist Manifesto

    Marx believed that there were three phases to achieve a communist Utopia. First the current government must be overthrown. Second, the new regime must take over all facets of private life and that of the countries citizens. Finally the Utopia would be achieved once every citizen was on a level playing field with each other. The third part of the equation has yet to be achieved by any communist regime. Marx also created the ten tenants of communism that were necessary in order for a…

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  • French Imperialism In Vietnam

    strategist. His communist party freed the people from French imperialism and united the country. Minh took many of his political ideas from other leaders due to his extensive traveling around the world. Minh had learned of guerilla warfare from Mao Zedong, and took ideas of a communist party from Vladimir Lenin. The communist party appealed to class struggles, as it gave more focus on the oppressed working class. The communist party of Vietnam held a major part in uniting the nation’s people and…

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  • Traditional Chinese Immigrant Analysis

    Gender is always a controversial topic when anthropologists and sociologists talk about inequality. For most of the female immigrants, who came to the United States pursuing American Dreams and brighter future for their family, the first but not last challenge they needed to overcome may be gender conflicts while integrating into a society. Yinyi Zhong, a 41 years old Chinese woman who immigrated to California with her family in 2012, challenged the gender role of traditional Chinese value but…

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  • Status Of Tibet: The Roof Of The World

    I: Status of Tibet in the past or Historical Perspective Tibet is the highest plateau in the world. It is popularly known as ‘The Roof of the World’. It has been an independent state for centuries. Tibetans are distinct from the Chinese geographically, historically, culturally and ethnically. A long history of rule of its own kings and the rule of Dalai Lamas later (commencing with third Dalai Lama,) made politically supreme by the Mongol King, Altan Khan. He also offered the title “Dalai Lama”…

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  • The Importance Of Water During The Cold War

    With two thirds of the earth’s surface covered by water the and human body consisting of more than fifty percent of it, it is obviously clear to see that water is one of the prime elements responsible for life on earth. When most people think of water they think of a simple glass of water, but not in this case. Water is the giver of life, and yet the historical cannon also suggest that water is the take of life. American history indicates that water is a challenged resource as economical, social…

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  • The Crucible Then And Now Analysis

    Michael Nguyen Colvin English 3 AP 14 October 2016 Fighting the Witches of Then and Now: Arthur Miller’s Crucible Arthur Miller’s landmark play The Crucible reflects the growing fear of Communists during the Cold War era and the mass hysteria that arose and resulted in witch hunts for them. Playwright Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in a climactic tone in order to discuss the issue of the Red Scare and the hunt for Communists. He specifically targeted everyday Americans that were involved or…

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  • Antibiotic Issues In China Essay

    success was disturbed by centuries of famine, unrest, and war, and Europeans took the reins of world technological development. After WWII, the communist regime wrested control of China and a strict socialist system was implemented. Leaders like Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping have transformed China from a fractured state to a global superpower, leading the world in size of population and coming in second for GDP and total land area (East. Web). However, China 's rapid growth and industrialization…

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