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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Santa Maria High School

    heart was racing faster than any car on the road. When we got to the barracks, both officers got out and told me to get out. As we made our way to the home I have been living in, I began to realize how helpless Papá will be and how…

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  • Thunder Hear My Cry

    them an option of the Logans going to a Vicksburg and getting food and supplies. When they went on the trip, Papa and the Logans were attacked and Papa broke his leg. When Papa was still recovering the Logans were attacked on their farm and they ended up defending their house with L.T. and L.T. was also there to help out on their farm because Papa broke his leg. When Mama was still a teacher, she taught her own kids and some of their friends. One of her students T.J. Avery…

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  • A Jar Of Dreams Book Report

    along with mama, papa, her older brother Cal(short for California), her younger brother Joji, and her neighbor Ms.Sugar. So the book starts out Rinko comes home to find the kitchen a mess, then goes to papa’s Barber shop but goes the wrong way and gets yelled at by Wilbur Star(owner of Star Laundry who I personally think is racist), talks about how lonely she is in school, and then gets to papa’s barber shop. She tells him the kitchen is a mess, which surprises him to considering mamas…

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  • Backyard: A Short Story

    “There is a fire in your backyard”. Those seven words woke up my house like a tornado. Fire. Backyard. Within five minutes, Mama and Papa woke both Atharva and I and we were all standing together staring out at the master bedroom window facing the newly bought house wrapped in a blanket of engulfing flames. Three cops and blinking lights and sirens and screaming and the sound of water and open doors of neighbors and and… it was all too much for 2 AM in the morning. The house on 55 Anne Street…

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  • The Skeleton Key Analysis

    With the illegalization of segregation and the election of a black president, white Americans are quick to say that racism is a thing of the past. It is true that in the U.S., nicknamed appropriately as the great “Melting Pot”, cultural exchange is far from rare. However, in far too many cases, cultural appreciation is used as an excuse for the racist or ignorant to use artifacts or participate in practices sacred to an oppressed culture. White Americans specifically often feel a certain…

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  • The Great Depression: A Short Story

    next day. But all my thoughts were torn apart as I walked through our front door. I saw my Mama sitting on the couch crying. James and I dropped our bags and went to see what was wrong. She explained to us that she had lost her job at the market because the store couldn’t sell their goods. The store had to shut down so everyone lost their jobs. A little later, my Papa arrived home and went to talk to my mama alone. I overheard them arguing about how we need that money because the farm’s…

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  • Roll Of Thunder Hear Me Cry Essay

    In chapter 8 page 184 Mama gets fired from her job because some white men from the school board don’t like the way she is teaching. Later in chapter 9 page 215 we learn that papa’s leg got broken on the way back from Strawberry. This takes out two of their three main sources of income, and Mr. Morison can’t find a job to help out. Now they have to rely on the cotton to buy food and pay taxes. In chapter 10 page 232 papa gets a letter saying that the mortgage is due. Papa wants to go to the bank…

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  • Eudora Welty's Why I Live At The P. O.

    with their Mama, Papa-Daddy, and Uncle Rondo because of a divorce with Mr. Whitaker. When Stella-Ronda, the main character 's sister, arrives on the Fourth of July, the main character, Sister, starts questioning if Stella-Ronda 's adopted daughter is really adopted. Sister is suspicious that Shirley-T is actually Stella-Ronda 's real, biological, daughter. Stella-Ronda becomes frustrated with Sister and starts a rumor that Sister wants Papa-Daddy to chop off his beard. This infuriates Papa-Daddy…

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  • Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Quotes

    for civil rights because of its realistic portrayal of those times. One hardship blacks suffered was protecting their families from white dominance. Papa talks to Mr. Jamison about how he wants the children to know how much he tries to keep them safe. Papa said, "I want…

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  • Farewell To Manzanar Character Analysis

    North Dakota interrogation and takes out his anger at mama. Papa threatens to kill mama one day as Jeanne and Kiyo sit nearby, as this situation occurs, papa raises his stick to beat mama and Kiyo rushes in to punch papa in the face. This is a prime example of Character versus Character in Farewell to Manzanar, where two characters must resolve a conflict, and that conflict is the fight between papa and mama being resolved by Kiyo punching papa in the face which…

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