Kambili Character Analysis

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Nishawna Bey Beginning I have chosen two of my examples. Both examples state how Kambili was not affected by diversity. The first is how Papa doesn't allow the children to speak their native language because he believes it's uncultured. The second is how Kambili is not close to her grandfather because he isn't Catholic her father shames him.

Papa doesn't like the children speaking their native language. He was influenced by the english culture despite what people told him he saw it as uncultured (Pg.13,28, 29). Papa taking away from their culture by not letting them sing igbo songs etc. Papa not accepting his language makes me feel like he dislikes and wants to disown where he came from. This doesn't change her
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The changes she did have were highly important. My hope is that these do turn into special traits to her.

Middle After further reading i feel like Kambili’s problems actually change her this time. The two examples for my proof. One example is when papa beat kambili to injury, and the second was when she had nightmares of Ade Cokers death. Each of these has had a positive effect on Kambili giving her the trait of courageousness.

Kambili had a painting of her grandfather, Papa Nnukwu, that her cousin Amaka had worked on before he died. Her and Jaja observed the painting in her room when Papa walked in and saw. He was furious and snatched the painting and ripped it to shreds. He was yelling “get away from the painting”(pg.210-216). Kambili ran to the shreds and cried while being told to move, but when she didn’t Papa beat her. Papa was furious because he saw his father as a heathen. Papa beat Kambili and had her put in the hospital because of all injuries he had given her. Kambili had learned to love her grandfather and didn’t judge him for his religion. She felt as if the painting was all she had left of him as a memory. She earned the strong qualities of fear, hate,want, and
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End these last events Mama killed Papa and Jaja is in jail. She gained many traits from just these two events. Kambili has gained Maturity, Rage, and Love.

Everyday Mama would make Papa tea. Papa would give Jaja and Kambili love sips. What no one knew was Mama had been poisoning his tea. Sisi gave mama poison from her witch doctor uncle. After Papa’s death the autopsy had discovered it. This made kambili upset she was filled with rage{“Why did you put it in his tea”(pg.286)}, but i also think she was happy to be freed and also hurt because she loved Papa.

Discovering that Papa was poisoned they police opened up an investigation. They came to the house to ask questions but barely could when Jaja had protected his mother of the consequence and told the police he poisoned his father. They let him change his shirt and took him to jail. They would visit him(“We arrived at the prison compound”). At this time Kambili had matured and became calmer than her mother. She knew she needed to be for Jaja. Kambili felt as if she needed to protect and love her family dearly now. She was the head of the

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