Descriptive Essay: Rosie's First Day Of Life

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A WHITE PERSEPECTIVE In sunny Alabama on a warm fall day in 1952 Rosie packs her backpack and gets ready for her first day of 6th grade at Richard Heights Middle School. Her mama clips in a baby pink bow in her curly golden hair, pinches her rosy red pale skinned cheeks, looks into her crystal blue eyes, kisses her soft small pink lips and sends her off to the bus stop for her first day of school. Rosie has always had a hard time at school making friends and thinks they all look and act the same. Her teachers were nice and her classes were small, still filled with privileged white girls and boys. For lunch and recess she sits under a tree by herself eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, munching on her carrot sticks and sipping on …show more content…
She was very upset that her parents didn’t like her new friend but she obeyed their orders, just like she was raised. Rosie’s dad beats her mama too and she doesn’t really like seeing her mama in so much fear. It was hard for Rosie to not talk to her new friend Jamie at school anymore. Rosie really liked her. She thought that maybe she could just talk to Jamie only at school and not mention anything about her at home. She and Jamie became best friends at school; they would play at recess and sit together in class. As the week went by Jamie for the first time ask Rosie if she wanted to come over and have supper with her mama and papa. Rosie knew her papa wouldn’t approve and that it was wrong to lie to them but she knows Jamie makes her happy so she said yes. Rosie’s not so sure what’s she’s going to say to her parents where she’ll be so she thinks up a lie that’s she will tell so she can see Jamie and meet her family. Rosie isn’t the best lire, in fact she’s never told a lie. When she gets home that day from school she tells her parents that tomorrow night she’s going to go to the library to get some new books and read a few of them. They think it doesn’t sound right but they know Rosie’s never lied to them, so they allow her to

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