Middle School Experience Essay

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The first day of middle school is always a little scary, but for me it wasn’t just the first day of middle school, it was also my first day of public school. From kindergarten to fifth grade I was homeschooled by my mother. There were some perks, like being able to sleep in and going at my own pace. However, homeschooling had some downsides as well. For example, I didn’t have many friends and I fought with my mom a lot. Because of this, life could be pretty difficult at times. Now, as a senior in highschool, I can see how having two different types of education has influenced me. The experience of being both homeschooled and going to public school has made me into the introverted yet self-reliant and unconventional person I am today.

Probably the biggest disadvantage of being homeschooled was that it turned me into a somewhat introverted person. I never had the opportunity to interact with kids during school time. My only sibling was a baby brother, so there were no kids around my age to socialize with while at home. I was never really around anyone outside of my family and when I went to church there were very few people in my class.

Over the years I became fairly antisocial, and not much has changed since then. I have made more friends now that I attend public school and am involved in cheer, but I still find it difficult
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To begin with I didn’t have to conform to a daily time schedule when I was home schooled. I finished my work in about 2 hours and completed the school year a lot sooner than public school kids. I didn’t have a physical education class, so my mom had me take tennis lessons for awhile and then I switched to competitive swimming. I also never had any music classes. Some of the homeschool classes I had were ones that they don’t have at public school like etiquette and

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