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  • Sophocles Antigone And Chimamanda Adichie's Purple Hibiscus

    Jaja’s mother Mama, a diffident and religious woman is accustomed to obeying the rule of her husband, Papa. Papa thinks himself the infallible head of the household. However, Mama stands up to Papa when she finally feels she has had enough of his abuse which has caused her several miscarriages. Wanting to end the suffering she and her children endure in Papa’s hands, she rebels against Papa by slowly poisoning him. After Papa dies, when it is found that there is poison in the body, Mama…

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  • Green Cards-Personal Narrative

    to panic a little because he did not know what to say while I was behind Roberto trying not to panic too. Once we entered the building mama and papa were here too! Me and Roberto ran to them to make sure they were okay. When the officers called us down, they said "We don't have another choice but to deport you ,without papers we can't really do much." Mama and papa…

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  • Purple Hibiscus Theme Analysis

    way. Papa Eugene is a character that embodies the extreme impact that religion can have on one’s thoughts and actions. After Kambili and Jaja return from visiting their Aunt Ifeoma’s house, Papa Eugene becomes disappointed in his kids because he deemed being in the same house as a “heathen” like Papa Nnukwu was a sin (Adichie 194). He then decides to pour scalding hot water on their feet. Papa Eugene explains to Kambili, “You should not see sin and walk right into it” (Adichie 194). Later Papa…

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  • Gender Issues In Purple Hibiscus By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    Initially Papa’s abuse confines Mama, which is evident as she brings Kambili’s school uniform in from the clotheslines and Kambili states that “there was so much that [Mama] did not mind” (19) and “she spoke the way a bird eats, in small amounts” (20). Mama has been beaten into compliance by Papa, rendering her nearly unable to speak for herself. After years of brutality, she has trouble grasping the possibility…

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  • Purple Hibiscus Quotes

    you more. Main character Kambili and her family;Jaja and Mama, face a whole world full of fear from their Papa. Papa think his abuse is for the good of his family . They all think that keeping silence or doing what they are told is the best choice to do because they are scared from all the abuse their Papa can do. Kambili, with along her brother Jaja and their mom Mama are not willing to stand up for them self because of the present of Papa. The author Adichie states “[...] I heard Amaka say,…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Middle School

    A WHITE PERSEPECTIVE In sunny Alabama on a warm fall day in 1952 Rosie packs her backpack and gets ready for her first day of 6th grade at Richard Heights Middle School. Her mama clips in a baby pink bow in her curly golden hair, pinches her rosy red pale skinned cheeks, looks into her crystal blue eyes, kisses her soft small pink lips and sends her off to the bus stop for her first day of school. Rosie has always had a hard time at school making friends and thinks they all look and act the…

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  • Kambili Character Analysis

    The first is how Papa doesn't allow the children to speak their native language because he believes it's uncultured. The second is how Kambili is not close to her grandfather because he isn't Catholic her father shames him. Papa doesn't like the children speaking their native language. He was influenced by the english culture despite what people told him he saw it as uncultured (Pg.13,28, 29). Papa taking away from their culture by not letting them sing igbo songs etc. Papa not…

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  • The House On Mango Street Chapter Summaries

    novel opens in el Rancho de las Rosas in Aguascalientes, Mexico. 12-year-old Esperanza lives a charmed life with her Papa, Mama,Abuelita, and several servants and workers. Esperanza is very close to Papa. The day before Esperanza's thirteenth birthday, she pricks her finger on a thorn - a sign of bad luck. Later that night, Esperanza and her family receive the terrible news that Papa has been killed by bandits. Papa's step brothers, Tío Luis and Tío Marco, are both powerful men in…

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  • What Does Tea Symbolize In Purple Hibiscus

    Kambili start to become more independent because their aunty Ifeoma allows them to have freedom, and she does not control every second of their lives. Even though Papa is strict, Papa shows his love by giving the children a sip of tea that ends up burning Kambili’s mouth. He calls it a love sip. Papa and Jaja get into an argument, Papa throws his missal across the room and breaks Mama’s figurines. Adichie uses symbolism by the sip of tea, the figurines, and the purple hibiscus to show how…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Colvin Family

    “We will survive” The Colvin family before I tell you about the Colvin I would have to tell you how we became the Colvin’s. My father is the late Rutherford Colvin, who was the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Rev. Garfield Colvin they lived in Bay City Texas. My grandfather was a Methodist Minister and had his own church where visit every time when to see them. My grandmother was the first African American school teacher in Bay City High School. We always look forward to going Whataburger after…

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