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  • Annotated Bibliography: Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars

    Annotated bibliography Jennifer Lawerence (October 14,2015) Why do I make less than my male co-stars? This is a letter written by a young,American golden globe,and Oscar winner whom is very sought after and talented individual in her field and she has written an open letter posing the question why she makes a significant less amount of money than her male co-stars for the same films. She mentions some other big male celebrities with whom she has worked with. She iterates a strong sense of…

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  • Women's Rights During The Nineteenth Century

    maintaining a house. The main objective for females during this time was to live for marriage and this is the highest dream they should have. They should live for their spouse and family. Some women did work, but was typically paid far less than a male doing the same job. The women’s rights movement began to battle some of the ways women were thought of and treated. Men were thought to be smarter…

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  • Men's Health Magazine Analysis: Why JFK Still Matters

    Men’s Health magazine is a publication hailed towards men in their mid-twenties to men in their mid-to-late fifties. The magazine is primarily marketed towards men who wish to either achieve a healthy lifestyle or maintain a balanced standard of living. Men’s Health has articles containing workout routines and healthy recipes to articles about maintaining a healthy sex life. There are also occasional sprinklings of political articles and personal profiles of real men throughout. The purpose of…

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  • Women's Participation In Politics Rhetorical Analysis

    Although there were not many supporters, women still fought to gain support from both males and females. Document 2 is a speech by Hermila Galindo expressing her support for women's suffrage. She explains that the children are what persuade each woman to seek political authority. These…

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  • Flatland Summary

    I read the novella “Flatland” by Edwin Abbot. It tells a story of a land that is completely two dimensional. There is two parts to this novella. The first part is all about the world Flatland, and the different characteristics of this world. The second part of the book is about A Square (the narrator of the novella) traveling to three other worlds that he has never imagined before. There are some main characteristics you have to know to be able to understand flatland. If you set a penny on a…

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  • The Image Of Women In Homer's The Odyssey

    Throughout history the image of women has greatly changed due to the influences of strong female leaders. Up until about 40 years ago, women did not have equal rights to men in the United States. Although some gender bias still exists today, for the most part the world views the United States to be a country free for all. In ancient times women were very far from equal to men. However, in The Odyssey Homer portrays women differently than other men in his time. Due to this new outlook, women play…

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  • Synthesis Essay On Men And Women

    With the media perpetuating these stereotypes, it becomes more of a problem as men and women are put down and have to face the obligations to conform to them. The gender roles that our society create put unnecessary pressure on young men to express male roles and force young women to embody feminine roles. These gender roles put pressure on men to be masculine: strong, aggressive and dominant. Alexie reveals how professional athletes or " physically gifted men" as "warrior…

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  • No Men In Women's Bathroom Analysis

    A referendum on the anti-discrimination ordinance known as the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) was on the ballot for Houston voters in Harris County, Texas, on November 3, 2015. It lost 61 to 39. Houston is a fairly liberal city with a lesbian mayor who has been elected for the past 3 terms without much controversy. Part of this referendum would allow transgender people to use the bathroom that correlates to their gender; makes sense, right? It is frustrating that HERO was so strongly…

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  • Summary Of Sex Lies And Conversation

    The articles “Sex, Lies and Conversations: Why is it So Hard for Men and Women to talk to Each Other “by Deborah Tannen and “Speaking Different Languages” by John Gray are about how men and women were born differently physically, emotionally and mentally. This causes many problems in a relationship. Some problems can’t be resolved by themselves, they would have to seek help from a marriage counselor. Marriage counselors understand both men and women because she/he might have been in the same…

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  • Compare And Contrast Marilyn And Erin Sherman

    In the films Erin Brockovich and My Week with Marilyn the audience becomes acquainted with the main female characters of Erin and Marilyn. In both of these films Erin and Marilyn are developed quite effectively with camera angles, lighting and sound, and how these aspects change to suit the main character and their effects on other people in the films. The audience gets a strong sense of Erin Brockovich’s character in the opening scene when Erin is in a job interview, where the screen changes…

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