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  • Women In The Poetry Of Sappho

    expectations are the Brontë sisters. Living in 19th century England, each sister found fame for their literature, but under male pseudonyms. The Brontë sisters were the first English writers to break female literary stereotypes and write women as their own individuals, who possessed a sense of morality and responsibility. For these women to find fame at this time, even under male pseudonyms, is extraordinary. These women used their voices to spread their ideas into the world. While Sappho and…

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  • Non Lonely Target People

    The purpose of this study was to investigate how loneliness of the target person and their academic performance affect others to perceiver their level of achievement. Eighteen undergraduate students at UCLA including three male and 15 female participated in this study, and their age rang was from 18 to 23 years old. A two way within-subjects design was used to investigate the loneliness level of the target person, defined as lonely or non-lonely, and their GPA level, defined as a 3.5 GPA or a…

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  • Reitan And Shaw Conformity Study

    In addition, it was predicted that females within mixed-sex groups were more likely to confirm than females in same-gender groups. While women were more likely than males to conform, regardless of gender, men and women confirmed more in mixed-sex groups than same-sex groups. So, why is this study from 1964, important? Well, I am so glad you asked because that study gave us the five factors that affect conformity, that…

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  • Mean Girls Reaction Paper

    not necessarily true. Not all men behave the way the film illustrates affected males. The passages that created the most impact on me was how the real women suffer because of the ideals that mass media create on men. I cannot believe that there were such sexual assaults to women just to recreate how music videos treat women’s bodies. The directors of music videos know that by targeting the fantasies of adolescent males they will be successful. These directors include wet female bodies taking…

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  • Ruth Schwartz Cowan's How We Get Our Daily Bread

    technology. She shared that in the pass, not only women have to work at home, both genders have to work-home as well to keep the family survive, thus the role of female and male in the society back then is based on providing the basic needs for the household. Then Ruth explains that both gender had to work at home, but male and female were response for different things. Men usually had to deal with the difficult and heavy labors such as grinding, hauling and slitting wood, while women did the…

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  • King's Effect On Female Athletes

    The quote “Girls can’t play sports” just got reversed. Women all over the world are making history, Billie Jean King effected women all over the world and the WNBA showed us that women will fight for what they believe is right. Women have risen from the suburbs and are now able to be called female athletes. Female athletes all over the world are making history that seemed impossible to. The day Mrs. Kings defeated Riggs at the Houston Astrodome showed a huge impact to man and women in the early…

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  • Christina Hoff Sommers Men It's In Their Nature Summary

    In “Men -- It’s in Their Nature”, Christina Hoff Sommers acknowledges that society pushes for gender equality and neutralizing gender roles, but she argues that each male has a neurological predisposition that cannot be changed. Sommers introduces her argument through diction with word choice that contributes a negative connotation as she represents society’s view on masculinity. The negative connotation of Sommers’s word choice generates a negative tone in the opening of her argument, but using…

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  • The Jump Shooter Analysis

    Sports writing gives an insight into the everyday lives and decisions that American make. There are themes that are represented in each poem, story, and article that have other meanings for our everyday life. Some of the most popular points made though out these sports writings is that weakness is only as bad as you make of it, live everyday in the moment, and individuals are just as important as a team. Many people don’t realize how much sports reflect our lives that we live everyday. The poem…

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  • Half Femininity In The Great Gatsby

    Jay Gatsby is portrayed as an emotional man when working to obtain Daisy Buchanan despite his tendency to objectify and degrade women. Throughout the novel Fitzgerald depicts Gatsby as more emotional and sensitive than some of the other characters. Kerr, in "Feeling ‘Half Feminine’: Modernism and the Politics of Emotion in The Great Gatsby" examines the effects of being a more feminine man in the 1920’s. “Gatsby's splendid dreams, like Daisy's tentative attempt to create a new and independent…

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  • Sports-Related Concussions Essay

    differences in concussion symptoms between genders of high school athletes. In the United States, more than 1.6 million sports-related concussions occur every year. Averages of 21% of these happen to high school athletes (Frommer et al., 2011). More males have participated in sports than females over the years. In 2008, 3.01 million (or 41%) of high school athletes were female. That was up 2.4 million from 10 years ago (Frommer et al., 2011). This increase in female participation has led…

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