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The Ink talks by Arunima Sinha, first female amputee to climb Mount Everest leaves a deep impact on your mind and makes you want to salute her courage which is taller than the highest peak in the world. I also look up to my cousin who is a major in the Indian Army. He has mentored me by iterating the hard truths. He is closest to a role model I have.
10. Give a brief write-up about your background, including how it has impacted the choice of your present course of study. Prepare a SWOT analysis of yourself describing each point of analysis. Describe your long and short term goals and an action plan for the road ahead. (Page limit – 10 pages)

I come from a small village named Gizhore located in the suburbs of the IT hub of U.P., Noida.
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My inability to piece together a sentence in English became a source of continuous discomfort for me. It was difficult to make friends with people who couldn’t understand my history. All the classes were conducted in English and I struggled to grasp what was being taught. As a result of this, my grades plummeted and so did my confidence. For a period, I was a misfit trying to be a part of this new world.
But I have always been a hardworker and I put in all my efforts to become better in english. My teachers guided me in my endeavour and I gradually recovered lost ground academically. My helpful nature won over my peers and I made many friends. My English teacher suggested reading in order to improve my understanding of the language and I made sure to never leave the library without a book in hand. I volunteered to read in the class at every opportunity and communicated in the language often. I never dissuaded corrections. It all paid off and by the end of class 8th, I had been the comparer for few
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I developed a habit of reading English books, novels, magazines in order to make my pronunciation correct and my communication even better. I have a little bit of stage fright as well and to overcome that I took opportunities during school and undergrad too, to speak on the stage as much as possible. Before going for Group Discussions during interviews for B-Schools I took extensive mock GD sessions to overcome my fear of speaking in a group of unknowns. I plan to continue my efforts in this direction even in the future till I don’t feel an ounce of fear at the thought of addressing a gathering. I have also taken great care to groom myself as the first appearance is also a lot of times the last. I consider my ability to accept my shortcomings and work on them to turn them into strengths another good quality of

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