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  • Dying Inside Essay

    In Dying Inside: Loving Your True Skin, Queen Blessing Itua, who used skin lighteners (as a young woman growing up in Nigeria), and experienced adverse reaction to the deleterious ingredients found in many skin lightening products, tackled the issue head-on. With a no-holds bared expose, Queen Blessing has written this timely book to inform all about the detrimental health consequences that could be causing us to steadily be Dying Inside with every use, ingestion, and assimilation of the…

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  • Erysipelas Research Paper

    provider. • Take your antibiotic medicine as directed by your health care provider. Finish the antibiotic even if you start to feel better. • If the skin infection is on your leg, elevate the leg to help reduce swelling. • Do not put creams or lotions on the affected area of your skin unless directed to do so by your health care provider. • Do not share bedding, towels, or washcloths with other people. This will help prevent the infection from spreading to others. • Keep all…

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  • Reflexology Liverpool Case Study

    pressure to help patients and while at this, help them acquire that essential state of relaxation that is considered key towards finding the remedy for their stressed regions. At Beauty by Ruth, these professionals have been using massage oils, or lotions for substitutes, that have been enabling them to help these clients through creation of smooth movements that help the clients derive that state of balance essential for their nervous systems to help them in regulating their chemical…

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  • Chickenpox Research Paper

    Khulood Alshamery 351210225 Pre dental B Chickenpox is a skin disease, and it is very common in children under the age of fifteen. However, it might be developed in any age. Moreover, chickenpox is an infectious disease which caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It could be a serious disease particularly in pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system. Since it is a serious illness, it has noticeable symptoms and complications that appear on an infected person, yet it can be…

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  • Animal Research: The Ethics Of Animal Experimentation

    The current regulations and restrictions in the U.S. are a solid foundation in creating increased moral consideration for animals, however they are still insufficient. The only federal law in the U.S. is the Animal Welfare act. It’s fundamental goal is to eliminate the pain and distress of the animals used as much as possible. Some of the guidelines laid out in this Act include the housing, feeding, cleanliness, exercise, ventilation, and medical needs of the animals. However, the AWA does not…

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  • Mary Kay Ash Essay

    motivated her to launch her own cosmetic company. Ash became a role model for women in business. In the matter of years she was able to build a cosmetic empire. With an initial investment of $5,000 in 1963, she was able to purchase formulas for skin lotions. With her child, she opened a small storefront in Dallas having about 9 employees. In just one short year her company was able to turn a profit and sold almost $1 million in products by the end of the second year. Ash used incentive…

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  • Animal Carcasses In Makeup

    The use of animal carcasses in make up Makeup is now trending more than ever, “currently there are a lot of different make up brands and products that ranges from high end to drug store”. (Oddee.net) Most make up comes with a list of ingredients on the wrapper or container, but do we really know what is in our make up? This document seeks to highlight the fact that major ingredients in some of the makeup products we use are indeed animal carcasses. This document serves to further…

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  • Argument Against Banning Tanning Beds

    Tanning beds are known to cause hundreds of thousands of cases of skin cancer, including melanoma, which is the deadliest kind (Tavernise). These types of skin cancers are most commonly found in teenagers due to tanning for many high school events, such as prom and vacations. If teens could see as much damage as they can see tanned skin, would they think twice about using tanning beds? Tanning salons need to be banned for anyone under the age of 18. The biggest argument against banning…

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  • The Importance Of Working At Green Paradise

    for about 10 minutes. Open the wraps and scrape the feet gently until it becomes soft When finished, scrub the customer’s feet using a foot exfoliator To remove dirt and dead skin, wash the feet with warm water Dry the feet using a towel and apply lotion on the feet. This will make…

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  • Nathan Mccall Book Report

    According to the website The History Makers Nathan McCall is an African American author that was born November 25, 1954 in Norfolk, Virginia. Lenora and J.L McCall was his parent’s, but they later got a divorce and Nathan mother and stepfather Bonnie Alvin raised him and his other siblings. In 1973 Nathan graduated from Manor high school and began attending college. Who knew Nathan life would head down a path that would have an impact on him. As a teen he had to do three years because he was a…

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