Benefits Of Special Populations Massage

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Special Populations Massage
Special populations massage is for a group of people that have distinctive life circumstances that set them apart from the typical adult population. In special population, contraindications maybe different that in a clinical application massage, therefore more information is required about the individual so that the planning of the massage may go without any complications. Special populations is different than clinical application massage, due to special populations can be encountered in all settings, and individuals may be interested in massage for reasons other than their “special” circumstance. Pregnancy, infants, and toddlers are all considered to be special populations amongst several others.
Infant Massage
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When the mother is massaging the infant the neurotransmitters in her brain are firing and stimulating the secretion of prolactin and oxytocin. It helps the father by presenting the opportunity to interact and touch the infant in a manner that helps build trust and confidence in handling small children. In addition the caregiver or parent giving the massage learns to understand and respond to the infants cues. While the parent is giving the infant a massage it improves the synchrony, increases confidence in parenting, increases verbal and non-verbal communication between parent and infant, and offers time to share and quality time. Infant massage also helps promote parenting skills. The physiological effects of massage on the parent are that it enhances a sense of well-being, reduces blood pressure, reduces cortisol, and improves overall health. In order to have all of these beneficial attributes of an infant massage, the proper technique is …show more content…
If the infant has a medical condition, it is important to check with their PCP to ensure that infant massage is appropriate for the infant. Some medical conditions that apply are any radiation therapy treatment, cancer, seizures, lice and more. Some other precautions to take into consideration are if the infant has a fever, diarrhea, skin rash, lesions, or has had an immunization in the past 2 to 3 days. The reasons these conditions need to be taken into consideration is they make the conditions worse. For example, if you massage and infant while they have a fever it will increase the infant’s heart rate. If the infant has had a vaccine and receives a massage, the shot will increase absorption rate, due to the stimulation of the lymphatic system and increase circulation, it may cause an unwanted reaction. It is recommended for parents or caregivers to wait to give an infant massage until all symptoms have

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