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  • Identification: The Day That Changed My Life

    Identification is used in every aspect of life. We use identity to travel, make purchases, and many other necessities. Yet, what is an identity? There are moments in life where we ponder on who we socially and personally are. We are given parts of our identity at birth, such as a name, race, and physical features, but does this give us a true understanding of ourselves? Do these factors accurately define who we are destined to be? At age eight, I had thought that my identity was defined by who I…

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  • Sustainability Supply Chain

    portfolio. Some of the reputed companies also showed their concerns about community recycling projects as well as towards labor rights. An effectively sustainable supply chain is based on suppliers, raw material providers, interconnected business, logistics, and transports are all based on good sustainability practice. The UN environmental policy agency estimated that around three-quarters of the total of greenhouse gases emission is from the supply chain. It is also estimated that the supply…

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  • Biblical Integration Of Logistics

    Biblical Integration There is one specific example in the scriptures that I believe clearly show the utilization of logistics during biblical times. In Exodus Moses was tasked by God to go to Egypt and release the Israelites from their captivity (Exodus 3:7-10 New International Version). Causing the Pharaoh to release the people from their indentured servitude was not the only monumental task that Moses had to accomplish, he also had to lead them to the promise land. After the plagues occurred,…

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  • Costco's Distribution Strategy Analysis

    Costco utilizes the same distribution strategy internationally as they do in the U.S. The company makes an effort to obtain products locally by developing relationships with local suppliers in order to reduce supply chain costs (Soni, 2016). This tactic also helps Costco provide products that are partial to the local customer base. Products are sold at Costco warehouses, demonstrating a direct involvement in distribution. Globally, the company utilizes a distribution strategy in which the supply…

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  • Advantages Of Intermodal Transportation

    impressive sight, especially as a young child. Those who grew up along coastlines as can recall seeing these massive containers scattered about closely resembling large Lego bricks. The ease and stack ability intermodal containers bring to the logistics environment allows for fluidity in shipment around the globe. The popularity of intermodal containerization is to no surprise given the simplicity it allows for diverse markets around the globe to trade with one another. Intermodal…

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  • Audit Analysis In Management

    • Modify inbound and outbound logistics schedules in order to decrease time and cost (Lewis, Naim, Wardle, & Williams, 1998). Conclusion: Supply chain audit is very important but at the same time it is time consuming which we have compressed to one day by using Quick Scan Audit Methodology…

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  • Logistics And E-Commerce Analysis

    Logistics and E-Commerce Amy Baker April 12, 2015 Intro to Logistics & SCM (21259) Dr. Sam Khoury LOGISTICS AND E-COMMERCE E-commerce is the buying, selling, and exchanging of goods and services over the internet whereby the terms of sales are electronically. Many new companies in e-commerce have failed or are struggling to survive in the market because of neglecting logistics. How goods will be delivered to the customers is an important issue and significant to the success of…

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  • Walmart's Global Sourcing Implementation Plan In China Case Analysis

    implementation plan in China. The entry into China has not allowed Walmart to capitalize on its business model and the company has made many mistakes in their entry. An analysis of the company’s failures will be conducted. Next a description of sourcing and logistic retail strategies for operations in China will be made. The political, legal and business environment for Western Business will be looked at. Lastly, a recommendation for other countries in a global sourcing implementation plan will…

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  • Blagy Clothing Company Case Study

    Problem Statement In an effort to remain a low-cost provider, Balagny Clothing Company made the decision to outsource the production of their clothing line to a contract manufacturer in China. By doing so, desired cost savings were obtained Balagny as labor costs and initial investments were less than if the domestic facilities continued manufacturing efforts. Although Balagny’s decision to outsource was created to minimize overhead, it eventually came with a price that nearly shortened the…

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  • Case Study Of Zara

    Executive Summary This report is to analyze what are the main reason for Zara to be success and identify logistics management strategies that supports the Zara’s succeeds. The main purpose of this report is to analyze and compare it with other successful and unsuccessful company’s supply chain management and how it is affecting the business directly and how important supply chain is. And also what kind of strategies Zara is using to fulfilled customers need on their needed time to satisfy…

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