Customer Service In Reverse Logistics Analysis

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Companies has increasingly improve their customer service in their reverse logistics management. More importantly, consumers just want their voice heard and someone to actually do something about their complaints. Truly, customer service in reverse logistic has meet or exceed customer expectations. A company goal is to use customer service to keep consumers gratified with their products, before, during, and after the first delivery. Furthermore, these characteristics of good customer service in reverse logistic consist of agile adaptability, inventory management, cycle times, and cost of returns items. Companies such as McDonald handles a complaint in my different ways. For example, a consumer may call or send in a letter to give feedback …show more content…
The company has to make sure that the processing cost, logistics costs, credit or replacement, and asset depreciation of a return item is smooth to successfully satisfy a customer. Furthermore, processing costs are all costs incurred to process and handle the customer returns (Robinson, 2014). For example, the return procedure begins with the call center representative, trailed by the receipt of the return item at the warehouse and finally repair of the returned item. Logistics costs cover the cost of moving and handling the return unit and shipping of any replacement units. Additionally, it may include cost of pickup, shipping, warehouse handling, and storage cost. Credit or replacement cost is when the company exchange the item with same or alike item or supply the customer with credit.

McDonald is one of the world best companies that handles and address customer service. One of the main goals of McDonald is to spread facts to their employees from customer feedbacks. They teach their employees many ways in handling complaint and give them tips on how to react to customer feedback. Additionally, McDonald 's encourage their employees recognize an unhappy customer and stop possible complaints. Furthermore, there are many ways that McDonald receive feedbacks. Some are by, internet, phone or letter. McDonald 's find it essential for their company to promote
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Customer service has proven to be one of the reason a company increase their revenue. Some of the characteristic of a good customer service when a company display agile adaptability, inventory management, cycle times, and cost of returns items. Furthermore, companies like McDonald 's has also created ways to improve their customer service and satisfaction through many operations. For example, McDonald 's handle some of their complaints or feedback through internet, phone, or letter. Reverse logistic has continue to shock business owner and change the world by its creative ways in customer

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