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  • Body Fat Research Paper

    Lipids have a significant energy role, but also a fundamental role in the composition of the membranes of cells, nuclei, and nervous tissue. Focus on these fats and the foods that contain them. Edible fats Dietary fats should be present in the daily diet at 2-3 g / kg bodyweight per day (30-35% of total energy intake). But this rate is very easily exceeded because lipids are not always visible. The hidden fats are those that are contained in foods that do not appear fatty: meat, cold meats,…

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  • Skeletal System Research Paper

    two main parts of the skeletal system are the axial skeleton with 80 bones and the appendicular skeleton with 126 bones. The primary purpose of the skeletal system is to provide the body with support, protection, movement, storage for minerals and lipids, and to produce red blood cells. The axial skeleton includes the skull, thoracic cage and vertebral column. The skull protects the brain, the thoracic cage protects the heart and lungs, and the vertebral column protects the spinal…

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  • Phytochemical Analysis Of Turmeric And Apple Peels Essay

    Results and Discussions Table 1: Phytochemical analysis of turmeric and apple peels extracts Phytochemical analysis Turmeric Extracts apple peel extract Total Phenolic(mg/g)content 93.30 ±0.03 82.52±0.013 Total flavonoid content (mg/g) 43.6±0.3 33.43 ± 0.06 Tannin (mg/100 g) 91.08±0.72 77.40+0.36 Reducing power (μg/ml) 25±1.7 21±5.5 Alkaloid (mg/100 g) 0.76±0.01 13.60+0.51 The Phytochemical composition of turmeric extract and apple peel extract are illustrated in table (1). Both are rich in…

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  • Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1: An Experimental Study

    (MDA) and High sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), fibrinolysis marker PAI-1and lipid profiles. Subject and Methods: Blood was drawn and DNA extracted from 90 subjects (46 cases and 44 controls). The 4G/5G polymorphism of PAI-1 was amplified using specific primers. Amplified products were visualized by staining with Ethidium bromide after electrophoresis in agarose. Risk factors PAI-1, MDA, hs-CRP and lipid profile were compared between 46 angiographically diagnosed coronary artery…

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  • Essay On Fabry Disease

    The disease is also called alpha-galactosidase-A deficiency. Fabry disease is one of several lipid storage disorders and the only X-linked lipid storage disease (where the mother carries the affected gene on the X chromosome that determines the child's gender and passes it to her son). Boys have a 50 percent chance of inheriting the disorder and her daughters have a…

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  • Biological Macromolecules Research Paper

    Lesson 5: Structures, Functions and Roles of Biological Molecules and Enzyme Activity in Metabolism Biological Molecules/Macromolecules Plants produce their own food through photosynthesis. They manufacture mainly carbohydrates (glucose) as a source of food of many higher organisms in the food chain. It is one of the many biological molecules present in plants and needed by animals. Biological molecules are macromolecules composed of many monomers (polymer) connected through a covalent bond…

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  • How Do Pigs Affect The Environment

    Ribs are an important part of numerous humans’ appetite in the United States. As yummy as these juice ribs are, they aren’t the best for our bodies and health. We usually get ribs from pigs, but pigs aren’t born and raised in the cleanest places which results in diseases. This affects humans because we love to consume these animals. The production of ribs doesn’t benefit the environment either. As you can see, there are positives and negatives about eating ribs, and hopefully the negatives…

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  • Importance Of My Daily Diet

    Daily Intake A three-day span of meal entries was inputted to the iProfile journal. Meals were chronicled around breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Protein, carbohydrates, and lipids were included in my daily meals. Within the span of three days, I indulged in both healthy and unhealthy meal choices based on convenience and strategic meal scheduling. Proteins were an essential portion of my meals, which consisted of baked chicken, honey baked ham, hot dog, grilled chicken, eggs, and baked…

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  • Homeostasis: Taking Care Of Your Body

    Taking care of your body is a necessity that requires a daily basis commitment. Dieting is known as the “only way” to become healthy, but simply eating wiser food choices that still satisfy your stomach is certainly an option. Read carefully Mitchell, as I am going to inform and caution you to become aware of the composition of the food that you are consuming and how it affects your body. After reading my helpful tips, you will be more acquainted with the different carbon compounds and how they…

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  • Essay On Pancreas

    of the cell membrane, electron dense cytoplasm, irregular heterochromatic nuclei and few secretory granules. These changes might be due to DNA damage secondary to lipid peroxidation, excess reactive oxygen species and glutathione depletion causing cell cycle arrest (8). In agreement with this hypothesis previous studies found that lipid peroxides react with Fe‏2 in the nucleus to generate the…

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