Fat Content In Ice Cream

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Does changing the fat content in milk used in an ice cream mixture change the temperature or thickness it reaches after 10 minutes in an ice cream maker?

The purpose was to determine the effect of the percent of fat in milk used to make ice cream on the temperature and thickness the ice cream was after ten minutes in an ice cream maker.

Background Information
Lipids, a broad term referring to fats and oils, are incredibly important in the human diet. “[Lipids] store more than twice as much energy as carbohydrates in a given weight, and so are a much more efficient supply.” (McGee) Lipids have many functions, they aid in cell growth, help transmit inflammatory and other signals, as well as making up most of the cell membrane. They
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The fats also help to keep the pre-frozen mixture from sticking to the sides of ice cream makers while it’s being frozen. More fat in ice cream seems to make it more desirable and the higher quality brands tend to sell ice cream with 14-18% fat content, while the average brands have 8-10%. It’s hard for the low fat ice cream brands that tend to use less than 5% fat content to replicate the high fat ice cream’s flavors and consistency without chemical additives. Fats play a large part in many aspects of ice cream, even though “fat content must be altered by at least 2-3% before any noticeable difference appears in the taste or texture.” …show more content…
The core of the Donvier Ice Cream Maker was put in the freezer overnight.
2. Then 1½ eggs, 1 cup of 0% (skim) milk, and ½ cup sugar were beaten together in a sauce pan.
3. The mixture was stirred constantly with a wooden spoon and heated in the pan over low heat for ten minutes.
4. The pan was removed from the heat and the mixture poured into Tupperware.
5. Then 1 of cup cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract were mixed in.
6. The Tupperware was put in the fridge over night.
7. An instant read thermometer was used to make sure the mixture is cooled to 1.6º Celsius (35º Fahrenheit).
8. The mixture was poured into the core of the ice cream maker and stopwatch was started.
9. The ice cream paddle was stirred three times, every two minutes, for ten minutes.
10. After ten minutes, the ice cream was stirred twice with a spoon.
11. Then the temperature of the middle of the mixture was measured with an instant read thermometer.
12. Right after taking the temperature the 2 euro coin was dropped in the middle of the mixture. The stopwatch was used to time how long it took for the euro coin to completely submerge, or until no part of it could be

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