Case Study: Atkins Or Fadkins

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Elizabeth Barron
July 9th, 2017
Case study 1
Atkins or Fadkins
Part 1: Macronutrients and energy
Question 1:
Proteins: do most of the work in the cells, required for structure, function, and regulation of the bodys tissues and organs. They also transport nutrients and are catalyst. Examples of proteins are nuts, meats, and beans.
Carbohydrates: source of energy for the body, simple and complex carbs. Examples are fruits, pasta, sugar, and, grain.
Fats: store energy, aid in development of cells, serve as components of hormones and vitamins, and protect organs. There are saturated and unsaturated fats. Examples are oil, wax, and butter.
Question 2: Janine is correct, Brains cells use glucose to fuel cellular activities, the
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A toxin is a antigenic poison that comes from microorganisms. Toxins come from various places like the body, environment, foods, and personal products. Not all toxins are alike, there are different forms of toxins that fall in different categories. Food toxins for example would be different than environmental toxins because of where they originate and are introduced to the body. Yes toxins do make it difficult to lose weight because the more toxins in our bodies the more fat cells are used to store theses toxins for removal …show more content…
There are different forms are sugar units, for example monosaccharides are glucose, fructose, and galactose.
Question 2: Blood carries glucose to different parts of the body; the brain is dependent on glucose to function properly. If sugar level is too high in the blood it can cause problems like diabetes. The pancreas secretes a hormone call insulin which moves glucose through the blood into the cells to be used for energy. The pancreas also secretes glucagon when the blood sugar levels are too low. If blood sugar stays too high for a long time, nerve damage can occur as well as circulatory problems, fatigue, coma, and death.
Question 3: Other hormones that regulate mitchells appetite are leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is made by fat cells and ghrelin is made in the stomach and pancreas. Leptin decreases your appetite and ghrelin increases appetite.
Question 4: low carb diets cause fatigue and headaches because as you lose water, you lose minerals like salt, potassium, and magnesium. Carb carvings occur because the body goes through a retrofitting were the body burns fat instead of

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