The Effects Of Osmosis On Model Cells

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Observing the Effects of Osmosis on Model Cells of Different Sucrose Concentrations Cells are the building block of life. But these cells aren’t a closed system. There is a constant movement of various molecules in and out of the cell that brings nutrients in and brings waste out. This movement of particles in and out of cells is based around osmosis. It is written in the Lab Manual (2014) “Osmosis is diffusion of water across a differentially permeable membrane” (p. 97). In this experiment, dialysis tubing, a type of differentially permeable membrane which only lets water molecules through, was used to create bags used to model cells. Four bags were made and labeled “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.” The bags were filled with sucrose solutions of 1%, 1%, 10%, and 25% respectively, then A was placed in a 10% …show more content…
They were labeled “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” with masking tape on the strings of the bag. The tubes were then filled with 10 ml of a sucrose solution using a 10 ml pipette pump: A and B with a 1% concentration, C with 10% concentration, and D with 25% concentration. After pushing the excess air out, the open side of the bags were folded approximately 2 cm down and tied with 15 cm pieces of twine. The initial weights were measured and recorded with a Mettler Toledo BD202 scale.
A 250 ml beaker was filled with 150 ml of a 10% sucrose solution. Then a 1.4 liter Tupperware container was filled with 500 ml of a 1% sucrose solution. Bag A was placed in the 250 ml beaker, and B, C, and D were placed in the Tupperware container. The initial times were recorded for each bag. Each bag was removed from its respective container and weighed every 15 minutes over the span of one hour. The weights were recorded and the initial weight was subtracted from the subsequent weights to find the overall

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