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  • Public Library Career Analysis

    9-year anniversary working in a public library setting. When I started my library career in 2006, it was only a part-time job for me. I worked various second jobs in tandem with my page position at a small branch of a public library system while attending the University of Tennessee. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology from UT in 2009, and decided ultimately, that I wanted to pursue full-time employment with the Knox County Public Library (KCPL). A former assistant…

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  • Library Collection Scope Statement

    Collection Statement: The primary responsibility of the Rose County Public Library is to serve the community and employees of Rose County by offering an expansive choice of materials to meet their informational, educational, cultural and recreational needs. Materials selected are based on the criteria that they aid whoever in finding whatever information they are seeking. With this goal in mind, RCPL is part of the Evergreen consortium, RCPL continues to advance and keep current its own…

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  • History Of Libraries In The 1960s

    U.S. Libraries in the 1960s The 1960s were a time of significant change for the United States, so much so this era is often referred to as “the rights revolution” (CrashCourse). The United States experienced the continuation of the Civil Rights Movement, the youngest elected president, John F. Kennedy—and the youngest president to die, the first manned moon landing, and seemingly everything in between. In a country that was so fraught with change, it only seems fitting that libraries were…

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  • Brooklyn Public Library

    served. However, this is paralleled by the patron appreciation that can be seen as well. In communities where every-day needs are not being met and budgets, both inside and outside of the library are growing smaller, it is more important than ever to find creative and new ways to serve the community. Public libraries are excellent places to provide at-risk youth with services, programs, and materials which will help them succeed. Research suggests that teenagers and young adults who participate…

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  • Special Library Mission Statement

    Introduction With a focus that is much more narrowly based than public and school libraries, special libraries limit their scope of expertise to serve particular requests of their clients. “The special library offers information access and specialized custom service to ensure rapid delivery of information to meet customers’ unique information needs” (82). Special libraries can be found in any number of places such as corporate, law, or medical offices, as well as in museums, news rooms, and…

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  • The Importance Of Physical Space In Libraries

    being used in Libraries Expectation, Situation Introduction Due revolution in information technology, the role of library has been changed astonishingly in past decades. Traditional libraries emphasis on providing quiet space and printed books, however, modern libraries are not only providing traditional academic reference service but also providing digital information service; not only for study but also for socialising. Scott Bennett deemed, “at the heart of any effort to design library…

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  • Essay On The Relationship Between Students And Library

    Importance of a stronger relationship between students and library A college library is one of the most important assets students will need to succeed academically. With library support, students have access to good resources to complete the assignments given to them. The books in college and university libraries are divided by subject, using the Library of Congress system, therefore, it does not matter if a student transferred from a community college to a university, they will be able to find…

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  • Libba Bary: Access To The Public Library

    “The library card is a passport to wonders and miracles, glimpses into other lives, religions, experiences, the hopes and dreams and strivings of all human beings, and it is this passport that opens our eyes and hearts to the world beyond our front doors, that is one of our best hopes against tyranny, xenophobia, hopelessness, despair, anarchy, and ignorance.” Libba Bary, bestselling fiction author, expresses the importance of libraries in the above quotation, stating that access to the public…

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  • The Transformative Essay: The Future Of Libraries

    into the library building, would you miss that? Touching books, writing in them, highlighting them, bookmarking them. Libraries are suffused with so many different resources for researching rather than just books. The card catalog categorizes all the books and where to locate them. Now this process has gone electronically along with the mechanism of checking out books. Is this the future of libraries, a virtual library where everything is downloading ebooks. This is the problem, libraries have…

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  • Sample Library Interview Questions

    When I arrived to the Lakeland Public Library, I was quickly whisked away into a small room and handed a schedule. The schedule was because I would be rotating through each different department of the library over the course of the day. I gathered my things, and began my day at Reference Services. Reference Services was a quiet job, consisting of answering peoples’ questions and overseeing the computer section. My time at each rotation was about an hour, and near the end of my shift at…

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