Judith Tipton Library

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It is 8:30 in the morning. The Johnson County Community College student groggily wakes up after her nap under the white, squared umbrella type rectangular cloths that blocks the fluorescent lights directly above her in one of the velvety chairs of the couch like seating structure striped with the cozy colors of autumn-- maple red, pumpkin orange, fading green. She has used her backpack as a pillow, propped up on the wood laminate table that attaches the chairs of the seating structure. She sits up and looks around seeing almost no students on the row of computers against the wall to the left of her. The Billington Library is nearly silent this early aside from the hum and clicks of computers, the occasional printer making a hushing noise as …show more content…
With their vast knowledge of research and the library itself, a student or county resident can receive all the help he or she needs. Billington Library has six librarians: Barry Bailey, Judy Guzzy, John Russell, Mark Swails, Jessica Tipton, Judith Vaughn. Mark Swails is the copyright librarian. He handles everything copyright such as educating students, staff, and faculty on copyright matters and maintaining a college copyright webpage. Judith, also known as Judi, Vaughn is a Professor Librarian with a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science . Her three main focuses are research, instruction, and collection development. She loves working here at JCCC because she thinks “the college provides the opportunity for our students to succeed and move on to a four year school or to a job upon graduating from the college” and also enjoys the students and staff. Jessica Tipton is a Reference Librarian and an associate professor. As a Reference Librarian, she aids patrons in getting the library materials they need and teaches classes how to use the library for research. She enjoys working here as she believes she “has the opportunity to help people and make a difference in their lives every single day.” The Technical Services Librarian is Judi Guzzy whose job is maintaining the library’s collection of materials. She keeps track of the library’s materials and gets to select potential material to add to its collection. The other Reference Librarian is John Russell. He has three degrees: an undergraduate degree, a library degree and a Master in Business Administration. Mr. Russell “choose to work here because of the College’s long-term emphasis and commitment to student learning and an innovative curriculum for students to achieve their many, diverse educational pursuits.” The final librarian, Barry Bailey, is the Digital Projects Librarian. He “runs and builds many of the library 's electronic

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