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  • The Library Card, By Frederick Douglass And The Library Card By Richard Wright

    information, and any form of insight. By being knowledgeable the sky 's the limit for anyone wanting to reach enlightenment, however, with knowledge there comes consequences. From reading “Learning To Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass and “The Library Card” by Richard Wright it can be seen that obtaining knowledge did not come easy to these men. Even when obtained it revealed that it was both a blessing and a curse, showing how it can play a conflicting role in people’s lives. Douglass was…

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  • Examples Of Maxims In Romeo And Juliet

    Raju: Where was Tony last night? Sara: Tony went to the library and did his assignments. (Fred’s answer obeys the maxim of Manner: be orderly, because he gives a clear explanation where Tony was.) Raju: What are you baking? Sara: Be I are aitch dee ay wye see ay kay ee. (Sara is not expressing her idea clearly as she spells out implicating that she doesn’t want anyone to know what she’s actually doing.) Furthermore, failing in observing the maxims can lead to five major failures namely…

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  • Presidential Library System Analysis

    Introduction Presidential libraries have a split personality. The reason for this behavior is due to its dual functions, all but one (Gerald Ford) of the 13 current libraries house both an archive and a museum. The archives are for researchers who are looking for historical documents, while the museum is focused on the more casual visitor seeking information about the president. This duality of purposes requires a more synthesized look at the presidential library system for information seekers.…

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  • Case Study: Cook Library

    volunteering at a place called Cook Library. Cook Library serves mainly as a library but also has a large after-school-program for kids in the neighborhood and also is a community center where many other organizations utilize their space. The role I play at Cook Library is one of a tutor. I help out with the after-school-program by helping the kids who come with their homework, reading, and supervising any other activities that take place. Cook Library is located in a heavily Hispanic…

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  • Essay On Detroit Public Library

    The Hidden Symbolism Behind the Detroit Public Library As I stepped into one of the huge reading rooms in the Detroit Public Library, or DPL, I was filled with awe. The massive room, coated in decorative plaster and artistic images, felt surreal. The beautiful architecture of the Detroit Public Library is unforgettable and a trade mark of the city beautiful movement. The history of Detroit and its Urban Form defines how people interact with the city today. It ultimately forms various Ways of…

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  • Why Do Employees Use Online Databases?

    The organization is an academic library for a university, so employees of the library at librarian status or higher positions are MLS-holders. Employees of the library are expected to have reference skills, customer service skills, and technical knowledge. Workers for the Carlson Library are recruited nationally, but mostly in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition, there are student employees as well, who are solely on-campus students and recruited locally. There are specific needs for each…

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  • The Body In The Library Character Analysis

    The Body in the Library, a novel written by Agatha Christie in the early twentieth century, women play a very vital role in helping to uncover the hidden truths throughout the novel (Thinkers View). Agatha Christie, a woman author who could be described as being a feminist, primarily wrote novels about detective fiction, mysteries, and secrets. Christies works symbolized the battle women during this time period were faced with while fighting for enhancement and equality of their rights. The main…

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  • Half Priced Books Case Study

    Half-Priced Books The children’s and young adult’s section at half priced books is not everything that one would expect it to be. Both sections were at the back of the store stuffed into a small corner area which made each section feel very small. There were also more parents in these sections than children, but my description of these areas may explain why this is so. Overall, I felt that these sections were more laid out for adults to buy books for their children than for children to come…

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  • The Importance Of Volunteering At The Eva K. Bowlby Community

    105 Mrs. Hardie December 07, 2015 For the fall semester, I wanted to volunteer at an agency where I could interact with people because I enjoy helping others. When I found out that I could volunteer at the library, I jumped on that chance right away. Volunteering at the Eva K. Bowlby Library allowed me to do those things. There are two current considerations regarding our society. First, should the federal, local, and state government allocate and spend tax dollars to fund professional social…

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  • Senior Year Analysis

    But, I can honestly say the most important local county office to me has always been my County Library – all of them – they shaped me throughout my life, no matter where I lived at the…

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