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  • Shining Library Book Report

    Shining Library Book Me and classmates were told that we had to do something nice for the school. It wasn’t just our grade, it was the whole middle school who had to something. There were tons of jobs to be done just inside the building. When it was nice out, some of the 8th graders would go out and do the things outside, while the rest of us stayed inside. My job was organizing the bookshelf in the library. Unless it was a short week or you were gone most of it, everyone had to do their job…

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  • Butler Library Mural Analysis

    Butler Library, the largest of Columbia University’s libraries, greets its visitors with a centered mural that embodies the importance of the building it resides in. The Butler Library Mural by Eugene Savage is larger than life, both metaphorically and physically. However, it could be easily overlooked as it sits in the shadows, only illuminated by the distant lights. This lack of direct artificial light seems to contribute to the overall aesthetic of the mural. Rather than artificial light, the…

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  • Clinical Practice Guideline: Screening For Breast Cancer Research

    Analysis and Application of a Clinical Practice Guideline: Screening For Breast Cancer The purpose of this paper is to analyze a current clinical practice guideline (CPG) on breast cancer screenings by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF). A CPG is a statement that compiles the highest level of evidence-based research from systematic research reviews (SRR) and other research to direct practitioners with appropriate health care interventions (Sriganesh, Shanthanna, & Busse, 2016).…

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  • Constant Change

    so rapidly that at times they can make more familiar components of our lives, such as libraries, seem outdated and antiquated. However it is the pairing of the two, technologies with the library, which have made the pair even more relevant in the evolving information landscapes that we modern humans find ourselves in. This continually changing landscape can be a daunting thought when just starting out in library school, but when I take a step back and think about it, when have humans ever been…

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  • Unit 5 La1 Library Management

    do not have a specific type of management style. However, the management style I commonly used when managing a secondary school library would be coaching and democratic. Coaching means to help the library staff to improve or polish their skills so they can work efficiently. For example, new student librarians can shadow senior student librarians to take part in library duty. I would regularly observe their performance and give feedback such as the techniques for efficient and correct shelving.…

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  • The Library Card By Richard Wright Analysis

    He makes the point that he couldn’t get books by saying “There was a huge library near me in the riverfront, but I knew that Negros were not allowed to patronize its shelves any more than they were with the parks and playgrounds of the city” (Wright 42). Wright makes the point that being a negro made it harder to become educated…

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  • Examples Of Civil Disobedience In The Grapes Of Wrath And Thoreau

    Governments are created by the people to protect their rights. When a government is corrupted and fails to do its job, the people rally against it because it has strayed from its purpose. Many different people have different viewpoints on their government. An excerpt of “Civil Disobedience” shows Henry David Thoreau’s ideal government, and how his current government went against the ideals he believed in. In Chapter Seventeen of “The Grapes of Wrath”, John Steinbeck explains how the camps of the…

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  • Analysis Of Taking Space, By Marguerite Bou Bouvards

    Iris Young, a 20th century political theorist, believes that “the powerless have little or no autonomy, exercise little creativity or judgement,..have no..authority, express themselves awkwardly, especially in public, and do not command respect.” After reading Marguerite Bouvards "Taking Space: Women and Political Power," I have come to conclude that this is not the case, and believe that civil disobedience holds a very important role in social change, location can have a direct impact on the…

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  • Smoking Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

    Smoking has been around for centuries but yet most of us hate that it still is. Smokers do not realize the effects that smoking has on them and others. Smoking should not be done in public in my opinion. It looks like nothing, but it 's only doing more harm than good. The stench of smoking is so disgusting and no one wants to go around smelling like some burnt garbage. Smoking has caused health problems and adds to the pollution of the world. According to the world health organizations, more…

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  • Racial Profiling As A Social Problem

    Social problems are collective sentiments rather than simple mirrors of objective conditions (Hilgartner and Bosk 1988, p. 54). They are also putative conditions or situations that are labeled problems in the arenas of public discourse and action (Hilgartner and Bosk 1988, p. 55). The theoretical propositions that are key in the public arenas model are the preliminaries, carrying capacity, dynamics of competition, principles of selection, feedback, and communities of operatives. The Michael…

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