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  • Social Issues In The Book Legend

    In the book Legend by Marie lu is about a boy and girl called Day and June, Day is a kid with lots of street smarts and scored a 1500/1500 but the government said that he scored a 675/1500. Day and June are later best friends in the story. Day lives in one of the poor sectors were the plague is a common issue. While the people in the first class, like June is living in a beautiful apartment spending life swimming in money. Days brother is infected with the plague Day has to get a vaccine before…

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  • Garrett Hongo The Legend Analysis

    Garrett Hongo, earns his place as socially-driven poet from his countless commentaries and criticisms through poetry. Hongo, a Japanese-American born in Hawaii in 1951, culminates his 1988 The River of Heaven with the poem “The Legend.” Concluding the book of poems, “The Legend” pays tribute to an Asian-American, Jay Kashiwamura, whose unexpected death from an unknown gunman inspired Hongo to write a poem detailing Kashiwamura’s experience with underlying tones of the overarching lack of…

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  • League Of Legends: A Narrative Analysis

    League of Legends(LoL) is multiplayer online battle arena, or a MOBA. There are many games like it, but LoL is the most successful at this moment. LoL gets it’s inspiration from a game called Dota, created in 2003 as a custom map creation for the game Warcraft III…

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  • I Am Legend Themes

    only monsters. The only person left is you. You have nothing and no one to keep you company. This reality is displayed in the novel I Am Legend which was written by Richard Matheson in 1954. It is about a man named Robert Neville. He is left alone in a world filled with vampires. He struggles to survive as they treat him as prey. The movie adaptation, also I Am Legend, was directed by Francis Lawrence and released in 2007. It is very similar to the book, however it does have its differences. In…

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  • Warren Buffett's Entrepreneurial Legend

    Entrepreneurial Legend - Warren Buffett For my famous economic entrepreneurial legend I have chosen Warren Buffett. He is agruably one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of over 70 billion. Coincidentally, Warren Buffet earned his MS in economics in 1951. As CEO of Birkshire Hathaway his company’s Class A stock lists for around 213,000 per share. Birkshire Hathaway’s company performace regularly outperforms the class of Index 500 stocks. Buffett has taken on considerable investment…

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  • A Powerful Movement: League Of Legends

    stage and battle for a trophy (Blum). However, in this scenario the teams are not battling with your average basketball or hockey puck; they are battling with keyboards and mice. This dream became a reality when a popular esports game, League of Legends, sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City for the North American championship game. Nonetheless, success should not be defined by only one big time event. The next few years for esports are crucial and could make or break the entire…

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  • The Legend Of Riku's Monster

    There was a guy who had never met his natural father in one village. He lived in peace. He often went out and adventured into forests or mountains with a friend of his as kids do out of their curiosity. His name is Riku. He spent most of time with the friend. His name is Heracles. He was so courageous and that he had beaten a great number of monsters that used to threaten people in their village. He was also well-known as a son of Zeus. His father was a son of Cronos and ruled as a king of gods.…

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  • The Legend Of Ezekiel The Cult

    Bill was the member of the cult Golden Pharaohs. One day he decided to leave and start his own cult. He started a cult with his friend, Geoff, who is now another member of the cult. He named the group “The Followers of Lazarus”. The cult made a home in the side of a mountain where a cave was. He then recruits people from all over the world. He gets a lot of members and teaches them his ways. One day he invited a group of travelers and they said no. They believed the true lord is “Ezekiel the…

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  • Marie Lu Legend Analysis

    In Legend by Marie Lu the author uses direct characterization to show who June has become. At this point in the story Thomas, June, and the Commander are watching the protesters from Lake Sector that are representing Day in front of Batalla Hall. Although, June wishes she could go tell the people from lake sector to run before they all get killed, she doesn't want the Republic to know she's changed. June talks about what she feels should be done and what she sees within people. “I glance up to…

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  • What Is Jaws A Living Legend

    What do Jaws, Jurassic Park and E.T all have in common? They were all directed by someone who arguably deserves the title, ‘living legend’. The first person to direct a movie that had a revenue of over $100 million, the same person who invented the modern blockbuster with the iconic movie ‘Jaws’. Steven Spielberg is the living legend in question. December 18th, 1946. This fateful day was the fateful day that Steven Allen Spielberg began to grace us all with his presence. Born in Cincinnati,…

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