Hawaiian Legends Essay

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Hawaiian Legends There are many different tales to the great island chain of Hawai`i. From scary stories that keep you away from doing what’s wrong, to the creation of Hawai`i. Hawaii is the home to some of the most unique stories passed down from olelo because in the past they didn’t need to write. Hawaiians believed in polytheism, or many gods who controlled certain things. This caused the ancient stories to arise, and begin to be passed on to keep the story alive. The greatest legends passed down are of the night marchers, the menehune, and the legends of Maui because they showed morals for the ancient Hawaiian people, they were also the most interesting and creative ones compared to the other stories. These legends are some of the …show more content…
The menehune are stories that show some of the mysteries of the Hawai'i that will live on forever because of the work they have done. The menehune have created some of the greatest landmarks that Hawai’i in only a short amount of time. The moral to the menehune would be that even if you are small, you can be mighty and if you have the willpower and determination to do something, nothing nor no one can stop you. The many tales of Maui the demigod shows that you can use your strengths to your advantage and that's what Maui was known for. Maui became so famous because he knew how to work around his enemies
Keliinoi 4 to get what he wanted. The moral of the Maui stories is to know who you are and use it to make something better or use is to get what you want. Maui’s brothers wouldn’t let him go fishing until he brought in something special to the table. So you also need to do the same if you want to accomplish a goal. All of these stories were passed down for centuries, from the ancient Hawaiians to the generation we have today. These three legends still strive today because they are the most interesting creative compared to all of the

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