King Kamehameha The Great Chief

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When Kamehameha was born in 1758, Halley's Comet appeared over the Hawaiian skies. Legend prophesied that a light in the sky with feathers like a bird would signal the birth of a great chief. Kamehameha would grow up to be a strong ruler who succeeds by eliminating all the rival chiefs. Warring clans saw him as a potential threat because Alapa´inui feared he would take away his throne, so Kamehameha had the equivalent of a price on his head from the day he was born. For this reason, the child would grow up to be a mighty warrior who one day would overthrow Alapa´inui, so he can be chief of the Hawaiian Islands.
King Kamehameha the Great, which meant, “The Lonely One,” was “born [during] 1750 in the mountains of Kohala, the island of Hawaii,”
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There he received training for battle from the famous warrior Kekūhaupi’o” (Potter 1). He was a very shy, quiet child, nor did he talk much but he listened very well. Kamehameha was discreetly trained in sports, warfare, and the ways of being a chief. “He was taught chants, or mele, that told the history of the islands and that Hawaiian God” (Rayson 1). A man who was named Captain Cook arrived on the islands, along with an event that was a turning point in Kamehameha’s life. In 1780 Kalani’ōpu’u knew he did not have much time left in his life, so he called a meeting with the high-ranking chiefs. “Even though he loved and respected Kamehameha, he named his son, Kiwalao, as the right one to take his place” (Rayson 1). Kamehameha was given the chance to take care of Kūka’ilimoku, the family war god. That honor of taking care of Kūka’ilimoku was only given to high-rank chiefs. The young chief was given a valuable treasure which was a magic conch shell. The legend about the shell went way back to the past where no one knew who discovered the shell, but it was handed down generation to generation to give good luck to its owner. “When blown, it was a call to the gods for help. If the owner of the shell were at sea without food, the sounding of the conch shell would bring many fish; if water were needed, it would bring rain” (Rayson 2). With the shell, Kamehameha hoped …show more content…
They had called all of the finest kahunas, but their own prayers did not work. “On May 7, the sea rose higher that usual. After that, in the calm bay, there were millions of tiny red fish, which was a sign of death for one of the ali’i (chiefs)” (Rayson 4). A few hours after that, King Kamehameha the Great was pronounced dead, he died in the land he loved so much. Before his death, he gave a message to his people: “Tell my people I have planted in the soil of our land the roots of a plan for their happiness. It is necessary only that they cultivate the ground that there may be growth and development of the plan, for it is inexhaustible…” then his voice faded, and was stilled” (Mellen 18). While the people of the land were grieving, “trusted retainers carried the bones of the beloved hero to a secret sepulcher somewhere in the cliffs of the Kona coast. Its exact location remains unknown today and Hawaiians rejoice that “Only the stars know the resting place of Kamehameha” (Mellen

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