Umi-A-Liloa Legacy

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‘Umi-a-Liloa, is recorded as the most honored chief in Hawaii history. His life is full of adventure and passion. Many hawaiians view him as the greatest leader to walk on these lands. Though, his story happened way before he was born. How did it start? Well it started with Liloa, his father.
Liloa is a ruling chief. His father, Kiha-nui-lulu-moku and ancestors are all ruling chiefs. His mother, Wai-o-lea, belonged to an Oahu family of chiefs. Liloa’s wife was Pinea. She was from Oahu and was his mother’s younger sister. They gave birth to a child, Hekau, who would be the heir of the kingdom. Liloa’s direct successor was Laea-nui-kau-manamana, the son of ʻEhu-nui-kai-malino, ruling chief of Kona, Hawaii. He was the only other chief that could
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Also, they had to completely shut out from their entire family for almost an entire week, which is something hard to deal with. At the pool atop Kealakaha, this is where Liloa met Akahi. Liloa thought she was beautiful and wanted to get to know her. When Liloa approached her, she was startled to see a man dressed in the form of a attire of a chief. She thought she was going to be killed. Though, Liloa reassured her that he meant no harm. Since, Akahi became pregnant, Liloa gave her a list of instructions of what to do when the baby was born. His instructions is that when the baby is born if it was girl, name her for her side of the family. Though, if it was a boy, he belongs to Liloa. She needs to give him the name ‘Umi. When the time is right for him to meet Liloa, he will show the tokens to Liloa to prove he is ‘Umi. The tokens he left behind before leaving was the the feather cape, ivory pendant, helmet and kauila …show more content…
Liloa was overjoyed with joy to see his son. Though, everyone was not happy. Liloa’s wife told her son the heir of the kingdom that he should not acknowledge his relationship with ‘Umi because he was a commoner. This was viewed as a very dirty act, because no matter what the circumstances are ‘Umi is still related to his half-brother. You can never say anything that goes against those who have the same blood as you. The relationship between ‘Umi-a-Liloa and Hakau wasn’t the best relationship. Hakau was aware that Liloa loved ‘Umi more which made him jealous. Though, there was a list of other things of why Hakau hated ‘Umi. The mixing of blood of chiefs and with commoners. The relationship of the children of low-born slaves to chiefs and that the tabu of chiefs would eventually be filled with commoners. Also, ‘Umi was better at everything compared to Hakau. Soon, Hakau started to beat ‘Umi, he ran to his father in tears. Though, this taught ‘Umi how to be humble through difficult times and face

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