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  • Counseling Profession: A Case Study

    Creative interventions, such as game play, can be used in any setting, individually or group, as long as the game is age appropriate for such population. For instance, Jenga, is for ages 6 and up, meaning it is also suitable for adults. Games suitable for adults, such as Jenga and others, could be used with adults and the geriatric population as an icebreaker in group therapy. Commonly, adults in an inpatient or outpatient mental health setting begin group therapy with strangers, who come from a variety of cultures. Many clients begin group therapy with worry, fear, and anxiety. Additionally, client who attend group therapy also fear judgment from others. Incorporating games therapeutically can allow clients to get to know each other without forcing them to talk. Furthermore, creative interventions, such as game play, permit clients to self-explore and process their thoughts in an enjoyable way, instead of talk therapy. Child’s Reaction to the Activity…

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  • M. Hamel's Unsatisfying School Teacher

    The generally scrutinizing school teacher M. Hamel, is teaching his final lesson in France, looking for refuge from the invading Prussia. The normally angry and unsatisfying school teacher shows Franz that his failure of his class is not exactly his fault and Franz should be proud of what he was able to learn. He decides not to scrutinize Franz but instead to make his day. M. Hamel changes in the eyes of Franz because of his unusual kindness. From the start of the story one can see the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Become A Marine Biology

    I believe Lao Tzu is correct because the first step is the foundation for something bigger. Without that step, you would not be able to build up to a bigger picture. The first step I am taking is to work on my school grades because it is crucial for my success. You can go to college for four years, but at the end of the day your diploma has to be worth something. By me starting off with good grades and making the dean’s list, it shows I am ecstatic to learn and evolve. It shows that I know a…

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  • Bosnian Genocide: A Simple Thing In History

    Cassie Niemeier Bosnia List Paper Anyone who says that history is black and white clearly slept through class. There is no simplicity to history. Most events in history are like a Jenga tower. Events stack on top of each other creating a less stable structure until it collapses in on itself, or war breaks out. The Bosnian genocide seems very simple on the surface. In fact, genocide is a rare simple thing in history, a group of people want to eliminate another group of people because the…

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  • Species Extinction Research Paper

    Species Extinction: A Pathway to the Sixth Extinction We have all played a game of Jenga, each player removes one block per turn and either the tower will remain upright, or it will all tumble down. This Hasbro game is an exceptional example of the sixth extinction. Simply imagine each block as a different species. Humans are on top while other species like rhinos, polar bears and lions are on the bottom. If one is removed off of the bottom there is a possibility of all of them toppling over,…

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  • Poverty In David K. Shipler's The Working Poor

    towed my car the next morning and I had new tires by the end of the day. This wasn’t the case for every victim of the vandalization, however. I noticed a few days after the incident that one of my neighbors was having a yard sale. I thought it was strange because it was in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. I decided to go check it out and got caught up in conversation with the man who lived at the house. He told me that when his tires were slashed he missed work the next morning, lost his…

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  • Gender Differences: Similarities Between Men And Women

    long-winded in a way that, to men, may be annoying. This is why the moms always do the nagging, pep-talks, and make a fuss about what their children do while the dads are the stricter of the parents and straight up do the punishing. Anyhow, the website goes on comparing men and women, where women are the “slow-pokes” and “perfectionists” with the need to put on makeup and dress up for any occasion, from garden work to shopping, and video conferences with friends. The other thing is that…

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  • Mukesh Shah's Role In Overcoming Obstacles In Life

    would always remember his father’s important principles. Some of the principles he values the most are: never to lie, be faithful towards your religion, and always work hard to support your family. In any situation, in which he felt unoptimistic, his father would always show him the bright side in that tough situation. He said that everything has pros and cons. For example, what will you say if you see a glass with half water filled? He replied by saying, “this glass filled with half glass of…

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  • The Importance Of Metaphorical Glass Of Life

    metaphorical glass of life and how we should view its contents, whether it be through a “pessimistic” or “optimistic” eye. However I do not think these two titles should be the only ideas viewed within this topic. There remains one aspect of contemplation that represents itself untapped. It is the way in which we create and uphold hope. Hope often caresses and carries its owner, but only occasionally does it offer consistently positive effects. This does not pose a bash on optimism, bear with…

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  • The Missing Piece Analysis

    he was just a baby. However, this isn’t the only thing that made his life difficult. He had been bullied over multiple occasions at his home-town school in Atlanta, Georgia. Thomas’s parents knew it was time for a change, something was missing and they didn’t know what. Thomas’s parents made a rash decision to move Thomas to a small town for a chance to start over. He was very hesitant about the situation. He was constantly questioning himself about what people would say? And what would people…

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