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  • Community School Project

    as providing afterschool programs, and high-quality academic tutoring. There will also be programs for the families such as social and cultural enrichment services, adult education programs, community and parental engagement workshops, as well as a parent resource center where they will have access to computers, printers, and other helpful resources. There are currently four core partners in this project, which are Indian River State College (IRSC), Children’s Home Society (CHS), School District of Indian River County (SDIRC), and Department of Health (DOH). Other partners include the United Way of Indian River County, Treasure Coast Community Health (TCCH), Pelican Island Elementary, Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative, Florida Department of Children and Families, Sebastian Police Department, and the University of Central Florida (UCF). I was a part of a committee that created and distributed over 500 surveys to local businesses, churches, and early childhood facilities. This helped to define what the needs of the community are so that we would be…

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  • Indian River Hundred Speck Summary

    Nevertheless, Speck’s arrival in Indian River Hundred proved particularly fortuitous for the Nanticoke, who were at the time facing new challenges to their collective identity. Despite the 1881 law that established a tripartite school system, the county appointed a black teacher to work at the Warwick School in the 1910s and several black children were enrolled soon after. A group of Nanticoke responded unfavorably to these turn of events. After withdrawing their children from the Warwick…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Cherokee And Navajo

    Like many cultures, the American Indians passed down their own beliefs which describe the creations of Earth and people. Depending on the tribe, location, history, lifestyle and external influences each story contained its own unique variation. The following will compare and contrast the Cherokee and Navajo belief in creation as well as delve into the viewpoints of each tribe and their relationship with the earth, animals and other people. It is hard for a person to understand why particular…

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  • Going Back To School Full Time Essay

    more people were able to juggle full time work, and going back to school full-time? It did not seem like there was enough hours in the day to work and go to school. I often wondered if I would be to stressful to work and go to school fulltime. A study was done from Worcester State College in Worcester, Massachusetts for enrolled students over the age of 60. When asked, “ What would you identify as three most positive aspects of going back to school?” The majority answered structure my day, new…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of HBCU

    “A report from the National Science Foundation found that HBCUs produce the largest amount of African American students that go on to pursue PhD’s in the STEM areas. In fact, approximately 33% of African American students receiving their PhDs in STEM attained bachelor’s degrees from HBCUs. To put that in perspective, roughly 105 institutions are producing a third of all African Americans obtaining PhDs in STEM fields” (Gasman & Commodore). This statistic shows that even with fewer resources than…

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  • Say Yes Program Analysis

    Buffalo State College offers a summer program commonly known as “the Summer Say Yes Program” to many local students here at Buffalo. The program gives the opportunity to students to discover the environment of Buffalo State College as part-time job. The Say Yes program commitment to education was originally founded by the Hartford money manager George Weiss in 1987. Mr. Weiss inspiration and courage to build a Say Yes program came to him when he was sitting at a restaurant with twelve old…

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  • Cindy Sherman Research Paper

    got to be occupied with the visual expressions at Buffalo State College, where she started painting. Disappointed with what she saw as the medium 's impediments, she deserted frame and took up photography. In 1974, together with Longo, Charles Clough and Nancy…

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  • Breann Powell's Role In Occupational Therapy

    Breann Powell is an eighteen year old female and she is currently an Occupational Therapy student at Worcester State University. For this profile she filled out a “time study” that she recorded her activities for four days, an interest check list that she labeled different activities as a casual interest, a strong interest, or no interest, and she took a life balance inventory which gives life balance scores based on what she is interested in and how often she gets to do those things. Roles and…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Women's College

    Administration policies at women’s colleges have changed throughout the years to accommodate the 21st century generation. Women’s colleges started forming in the 1830’s with a purpose to advance the rights of women and allow them to have a place for themselves where they can be free of any discrimination. Since before the 1830’s all colleges were for men only because women didn’t have many rights and were seen as inferior to men, so they decided to establish a college of their own where they…

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  • Electoral College Process Essay

    Electoral College Process With the upcoming presidential election in November 2106, I believe that it is important to understand our government, and how the leader of our country will truly be selected, come election time. Most people think that their vote personally effects who wins the presidency, but what they do not realize, is that there is a system in place called the Electoral College. I am a firm believer in educated voting, and knowing how the system works plays hand in hand with being…

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