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  • The Role Of Tattoos In Modern Society

    Dating back to prehistoric man, tattooing is a powerful art form engraved in mankind’s history as humans have been marked for thousands of years. Some of the earliest known examples of body tattoos derive from ancient Egypt and tribal traditions. Tattoos are integrated in societies across the world for religious and symbolic reasons, and they have spread globally due to conquest or clashing cultures. Therefore, the widespread trend of tattoos can attest to the universality of the practice, yet…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Experience In Prison

    groups such as the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). It was very intriguing to me to find out about the inmates that are in the prison or that have been in the prison such as notorious serial killer Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinsk who allegedly killed from range of 100-200 people or famous celebrities such as Charly “Max B” Wingate who…

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  • X-Men The Last Stand Essay

    As I hinted at in my last review of a film from this franchise, for years the much maligned “X-Men: The Last Stand” has been my favorite movie of the original trilogy. After my recent rewatch of “X2: X-Men United,” however, I thought I may finally come around and join the majority of people who hate on this installment. While I would say the second film is now my favorite of the trilogy, I cannot say that I hate this film. After the traumatic ending of “X2,” one would think things couldn’t get…

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  • Tattoo Body Piercings

    whether to have the tattoo or piercing done. People should know that contracting an infection or dying does not happen to everyone. Throughout the years, tattoos date back as early as 4,000 B.C. shown by evidence. In 1991, scientists found Otzi the iceman, with a total of 61 tattoos that were only made up…

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  • The Role Of Tattoos In The 21st Century

    In the 21st century, the world seems to be more accepting and nonjudgmental towards matters that were once prohibited, such as women’s right to vote, legalizing gay marriage and even marijuana, but tattooing is somewhat still being considered against the social norms and values. Tattoo’s can be reviewed as a form of art, culture or religion and as it defines and helps explain many phases of life for an individual. Tattooing has been a part of mankind’s history for centuries and recently had an…

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  • Days Of The Past: Movie Analysis

    place of the film, three unusual items are launched out from a substantial spaceship and collided with ground. Warpath understands the sentinel have discovered them so he chose to educate Blink to caution the other mutant, including Bishop, Sunspot, Iceman, Colossus and Kitty Pryde. They fought hard against the invading sentinel. They fail to defend and sentinel able to break into their mutant base with the ability to rearrange into different forms and tools. Sunspot draw in with them at first…

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  • Tattoo Discrimination Research Paper

    In present day America, employers are not allowed to discriminate against their potential or hired employees based on their race, sex, handicaps, religion, and other factors. Laws have been created to protect the rights of Americans in the workplace. However, there is still a form of discrimination that exists today. This discrimination is centered on employees or applicants with body modifications such as tattoos. Though the stigma is not as great as it was in the past, it is still present in…

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  • Kuklinski: A Serial Killer

    Kuklinski was convicted for the murder of 5 known victims four of which are Paul Hoffman, Louis Masgay, Gary Smith, Daniel Depper. although he claims there was over 290. After 25 years of working as a hitman, Kuklinki started his own crime business. His first victim of his person crime business was Paul Hoffman. Hoffman and Kuklinski were arranged to meet, and Kuklinski was supposed sell illegal amounts of a drug called Tagamet. After Hoffman gave Kuklinski the money, Kuklinski attempted to…

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  • Ancient Egyptian Tattoos And The Origin Of Art And Body Art

    mummy that they dated to be around 5,200 years old. The mummy had small tattoos scattered around its body. This meant that the earliest tattoos were now from 3350 B.C. to 3100 B.C. (The Incredible Age of the Find). This mummy became known as Iceman. Iceman was discovered near the Italian-Austrian…

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  • Essay On The History Of Tattoos

    Coca Cola (2015) did an experiment/ advertisement called, Remove labels this Ramadan, where six people sat in a pitch black room and engaged in conversation. They each went around the table and described something unique about themselves. One man said he is in a heavy metal band, the group then described what they envisioned him to look like, describing him to have long hair and possible piercings. Another man said he enjoyed reading and studying, particularly cognitive psychology and also…

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