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  • The Iceman Research Paper

    The death and way of life of the iceman is still a mystery to us historian, but we have a few possible theory's of "where he was going?", "where he was coming from?", "how he died?", "why he was in the alps along the Austro-Italian border?". The iceman was going to go fight a war between two societies, including his own, fighting for land. Neither society knew the other existed until they ventured out beyond the village borders. The iceman was living in a house made of wooden logs, mud, sticks,…

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  • Otzi's Theory Of The Iceman

    The Iceman, also known as Ötzi, is a 5,300 year old body found mummified in the ice of the Alps. Ötzi’s prehistoric body was found just near the border of Italy and Austria by two hikers who went off the hiking course. It is a complete mystery how Ötzi had died and based on facts, scientist have came up with many theories. Ötzi’s body was found with a tip of an arrow in his back. Based on this crucial piece of evidence, the most logical theory is that he was assassinated because of the damage to…

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  • Tattooing Research Paper

    For thousands of years tattooing has been a major part of communities and cultures. Whether it be for a religious reason or to mark a person in a group, tattoos have made their way through history. Nowadays most of the older generations see tattooing as harmful and not acceptable for society, but much of the younger generations see tattooing as a way of self-expression and extremely common. Getting tattoos has changed over time; in the past it was mainly used for religious reasons, but in more…

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  • Otzi The Iceman Research Paper

    Why was he murdered? How was he murdered? What happened? Those are all questions trying to be answered. Many people are writing down simple answers he was stabbed, he was shot with an arrow, it was an accident and etc. Ceman also known as Otzi the iceman, which is a Radiocarbon-Dated neolithic human being going back to 3300 B.C. He was found 1991 by hikers in the Italian-Austrian border. First thought to be a hiker who had bad luck. So Osteologists were called to the scene. They didn’t take…

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  • Richard Kuklinski's Case Of The Movie: Conversations With The Iceman '

    Carson DeGuire Ms.Dixon CJ III 22 October 2017 Richard Kuklinski-Iceman The typical serial killer in today’s world is born with these twisted genes that make them this way. Not in Richard Kuklinski’s case. In the documentary, “Conversations with the Iceman,” Kuklinski is interviewed about his life and all of the crimes he committed over the years. He was a hit man who has supposedly killed over 100 people while feeling no remorse doing this things. This essay will talk about how he compares to…

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  • Why Did Oetzi Kill

    theory is that he died due to territorial differences. All of these theories have supporting evidence, but some have a more compelling argument than others. There are still a number of things we don’t know about the Iceman. Without these answers we may never know the truth. Why was the Iceman really murdered? To start with, there are numerous reasons that prove why Oetzi wasn’t part of a sacrificial…

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  • How To Write A Tattoo Informative Speech

    frozen ‘Iceman’. Found by two hikers, preserved nicely among an iceberg in the Italian alps. II. According to Smithsoniam.Com in 1991 an ‘Iceman’ was found frozen solid and well preserved. Carbon dated 5,300 years ago. For his age his tattoos have weathered nicely With horizontal lines and crosses marking lower back and knee pain. His markings were most likely applied by puncturing the top layer of skin and rubbing a charcoal like substance to the punctures. Whether, a mummy or ‘Iceman’…

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  • Hit Men Research Paper

    Santerrian russell Ms.Dixon The Iceman The iceman (Richard Kuklinski) is not a regular serial killer because serial killers do not kill for money usually it’s for a sexual, pleasure, anger retaliation, hitmen kill for money not some type of excitement.In the Vernacular hit men are professional contract killers employed by organized crime groups to eliminate their rivals or other troublesome individuals. There is some debate among criminologists, psychologists and law enforcement…

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  • Otzi Essay On Mummification

    Tutankhamun” (Iceman Reborn, 2106). The ancient “Egyptian” method of artificially preserving human remains consists of draining out all of the known fluids of the body and wrapping to preserve the layers of skin of the human body. Resin was then poured over the mummy to completely seal the process (Smithsonian). In the case for the “iceman” or better known as “Otzi”…

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  • Airedale's Fault Analysis

    actions by saying it was their fault that he bit them. one case was when the Airedale attacked the Iceman when he was delivering ice to their house, blaming him for thinking the dog would bite him (as said in paragraph 5 towards the end, ”thinking the dog would bite you causes him to bite you, Mother was holding the thought the very next morning when Muggs got the iceman but she blamed that slip-up on the iceman. "If you didn't think he would bite you, he wouldn't," mother told him.”. Another…

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